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Make a Splash with ASI Aquatics this Spring!


Dive in with the non-stop action of ASI Aquatics this upcoming spring quarter at the Cal Poly Recreation Center. Whether you’re just dipping your toe in the pool or a seasoned swimmer, there are offerings for every skill level! Elevate your swimming experience by trying out Masters Swim, Intermediate Swim, Aqua Fit, or Personal Aquatics Training.  

 Masters’ Swim 

Calling all experienced swimmers! Morning and Evening Master’s Swim is a water interval training series best suited for participants with prior-swim experience, or for those interested in developing their aquatic fitness, stroke technique, swimming endurance, and speed with swim workouts conducted by our experienced coaching staff. 

 Intermediate Swim 

Ready to build confidence in the water? Intermediate Swim is designed for individuals that are comfortable floating in the water and can swim the length of a pool. Participants must be comfortable in shallow water (4 feet). The class will enable participants to develop stroke techniques in all four competitive strokes (freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly) and enhance their swimming endurance. Instruction will be based on the participant’s skill levels and goals. 

Aqua Fit 

Experience the perfect blend of fitness and fun with our Aqua Fit classes! Aqua Fit is a wonderful way to work out while minimizing joint stress. This class involves cardiovascular conditioning combined with strength and abdominal work. Get ready to make a splash and tone up while enjoying the benefits of aquatic exercise. 

 Personal Aquatics Training 

Enhance your swimming experience with your own personal aquatic instructor.  Whether you’re an entry-level swimmer interested in learning foundational skills or a competitive athlete looking to reach your fitness goals, our aquatic instructors are available to cater to your needs.  From stroke development to intense swim workouts and everything in between, our Personal Aquatics Training program is designed to meet the needs of any individual. Each participant will receive nine 30-minute, one-on-one lessons. 

Learn more about ASI Aquatics’ spring offerings!


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