ASI Club Services

ASI Club Services connects students to over 400 clubs at Cal Poly, working as a partner with the university to administer day-to-day club operations.

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Our Purpose

ASI Club Services provides the following support and resources to club members, officers, and advisors:

  • Serves as the customer service point-of-contact for club operations.
  • Assists with the process of club paperwork, including financial reimbursements.
  • Provides club mailboxes located in the University Union Epicenter.
  • Works with ASI Student Government in the allocation of ASI Club Funding.
  • Facilitates the Event Plan (E-Plan) process.
  • Serves as a liaison with the Dean of Students office regarding the annual training and chartering process for all clubs.

Club Chartering Update

The university, through the Clubs & Organizations office, has oversight of club recognition. To begin the process of club chartering, new and/or returning presidents, treasurers, and advisors must complete the online training. For more information please visit the Clubs & Organizations web page.

2019-2020 club charters will expire on October 9, 2020. Visit the the Cal Poly Clubs & Organizations webpage for more information.

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ASI Club Funding

ASI Club Funding is available to enhance the cultural, educational, social, and recreational opportunities for all Cal Poly students. ASI Club Funding is available in two formats to support recognized student organizations and is allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.


ASI Club Sponsorship

ASI Club Sponsorship supports the recognized student organization’s mission, programs/activities, and general operations that take place throughout the fiscal year.

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Maximum of $1,650 per year

ASI Club Event Co-Sponsorship

ASI Club Event Co-Sponsorship can fund up to 50 percent of a recognized student organization’s total eligible event(s) expenses not to exceed $1,650 per fiscal year. Please note, ASI Club Event Co-Sponsorship applications for in-person events will not be accepted.

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ASI Club Sport Funding

ASI Club Sport Funding is available to assist with the expenses associate with supporting the activities of the Cal Poly Club Sports program.

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$424.00 + $0.16 per student per college

ASI College Club Council Funding

ASI College Club Council Funding is available for currently chartered College Club Councils to enhance their image, promote their college to students within their college, and encourage broad student involvement in college activities. ASI College Club Council Funding is to be used to for all students of the college to benefit from and, depending on the expenditure, to participate in. Please note, ASI College Club Council Funding applications for in-person events will not be accepted.

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2020-21 Applications Now Being Accepted

ASI Social Justice Program Funding

ASI Social Justice Program Funding is available for currently chartered Cal Poly Recognized Student Organizations (RSOs), Cal Poly departments, and Instructionally Related Activities (IRAs) to co-sponsor events or projects intended to form community and bring awareness to a broad range of Cal Poly students regarding issues facing underrepresented minority students. Please note, ASI Social Justice Funding applications for in-person events will not be accepted. Learn more about the program funding procedures here.

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Planning a Club Event

In response to Governor Newsom’s directive, and San Luis Obispo County Public Health Department, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, CAL OSHA, and California State University recommendations, RSO’s are not permitted to hold any in-person events, either on-campus or off-campus until further notice. During this time, E-Plans will not be accepted.


For more information regarding campus events, please visit:

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ASI Club Services

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