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Learn to Swim with ASI Aquatics!


This spring, Cal Poly Recreation Center members can enjoy aquatic fun and skill-building for the whole family! ASI Aquatics’ youth and family swim offerings are a fantastic opportunity for children to embrace the water with confidence in a safe and supportive environment, guided by experienced instructors. With Youth Swim Lessons, Parent & Me: Introduction to the Pool, and Parent & Me: The Next Stroke, there is something for every age and skill level! 

Youth Swim Lessons 

Youth Swim Lessons are available to the children of Cal Poly Recreation Center members, ages 4 to 16. In these small, tailored group lessons, children will learn alongside participants of similar skill levels and be paired with instructors who best fit their abilities. From floating to flip turns, sessions start with the fundamentals and transition into refined techniques. All spring lessons will take place on Saturdays in the Recreation Center’s Leisure Pool, a best-in-class aquatics facility that features a beach-style entry (no drop-off) and over 150,000 gallons of clear, blue water, filtered four times daily.

Parent & Me Swim Classes 

Parent & Me swimming classes foster a comfortable environment for both children and parents. Our instructors craft an interactive and engaging learning experience, incorporating songs and enjoyable activities to guide parents in the water as they work directly with their children. We offer two distinct classes, tailored to the age and comfort level of your child:

  • Introduction to the Pool- Parent & Me Swim Class is designed for infants 6 months—24 months old.  In this program, instructors utilize fun activities that enable parents to introduce their child to the aquatic environment in a safe and fun atmosphere. The class will focus on assisted submersions, back floats, and light movement in the water.
  • The Next Stroke- Parent & Me Swim Class is designed for toddlers aged 2–4 years. In this program, instructors enable parents and children to become more independent in the water with activities that teach independent submersions, breath control, and rollover breathing. The class will prepare kids to participate in our level 1 or 2 group swimming lessons. 

Registration for spring quarter offerings is open now! Secure your spot today.


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