Anti-Bias Education

Through anti-bias education, early childhood educators can create learning communities that support human differences.

Our Approach

Anti-bias education at the Orfalea Family and ASI Children’s Center involves creating a community that supports all dimensions of human differences. It empowers children by giving them the tools necessary to foster confident and knowledgeable self-identities, empathetic interactions, and critical thinking skills.

Children at the ASI Cal Poly Children's Center playing with a rainbow parachute

Our Goal

Our goal is to provide an anti-biased educational format that creates:

  • Self-awareness, confidence and family pride.
  • An appreciation of the diversity of all people.
  • Deep human connections.
  • An understanding of fairness and unfairness.
  • Empowerment to act against prejudice.


A child in a blue sweatshirt smiling off-camera with several children in the background sitting

In the Classroom

We foster experiences for children to recognize and value differences and likeness, to express their feelings when discomfort occurs, and to ask questions that support healthy emotional and social development.

Each classroom develops anti-bias curriculum specific to the interests and observations of the children. Families are encouraged to work with the teaching staff to identify specific resources that can aide conversations at home.

Young children sitting at the ASI Cal Poly Children's Center

Anti-Bias Resources for Families

While anti-bias education is a part of the curriculum at the Children’s Center, continuing the work at home is equally if not more important. The following resources have been compiled for our families to reference:

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