Budget Breakdown

ASI is funded by student fees that were approved through various student referenda and operates from two distinct budgets: ASI (student body organization fee) and University Union (student body center fee).

Fall Quarter 2024 Fees

ASI FEE: $69.59
TOTAL: $370.50



Programs and Services

Funds go to support the programming elements (including full-time staff wages) of ASI Events, ASI Club Services, ASI Children’s Programs, ASI Poly Escapes, Cal Poly Rose Float, ASI Student Government, and the ASI Craft Center as well as the administrative support for those programs including Public Relations, Communications, and Marketing.



Fixed Costs

Fixed costs include items such as insurance, post-retirement benefits, debt service, and professional service fees that ASI is obligated to pay on an annual basis.



Facility Operations

Fees support facility operations, maintenance, and upkeep of the Julian A. McPhee University Union, Cal Poly Recreation Center, Cal Poly Sports Complex, and Doerr Family Field.



Student Wages

ASI employs over 550 students annually to support our programs and services while also providing leadership and development opportunities.



Capital Projects

Funds utilized to complete major maintenance and capital projects in ASI-managed facilities.



ASI Club Funding

ASI Club Funding is available to all currently chartered Cal Poly clubs and Sport Clubs to support their club events, operations, and insurance costs.



Student Government Leader Scholarships

Scholarships are awarded to specific Student Government leadership positions to assist them with the cost of education. The purpose is to allow these leaders to focus on their studies while also participating in shared governance.



Debt Service

Funds paid for the Cal Poly Recreation Center and the Cal Poly Sports Complex debt service annual payments.

ASI Budget Breakdown video

ASI Mandates

ASI activities are driven by the needs and interests of the student body. The ASI Board of Directors and University Union Advisory Board (UUAB) have listened to the desires of students and acted accordingly by prioritizing and mandating certain activities that are most important to them. These mandates drive the organizational goals and at the same time provide parameters for activities which the organization can undertake. If resources are diminished, these mandates will become the priority functions of ASI. When resources are abundant, expansion of ASI’s programs and services are made in consultation with the Board of Directors or UUAB.

Funded by ASI Fees

ASI Board of Directors action or student referenda mandate:

  • ASI Club Services, ASI Club Funding
  • Orfalea Family and ASI Children’s Center
  • ASI Student Government
  • ASI Poly Escapes
  • ASI Events

Funded by University Union Fees

UUAB action or student referenda mandate:

  • ASI-Managed Facilities
    • Julian A. McPhee University Union
    • Cal Poly Recreation Center
    • Cal Poly Sports Complex
    • Doerr Family Field
  • ASI Programs
    • ASI Craft Center
    • ASI Intramural Sports
    • Fitness Classes
    • Aquatics