Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS)

ASI Facility Information

In the event of a power outage, ASI-managed facilities are subject to modified operations or closures due to limited resources and safety considerations.

When a PSPS occurs, it is anticipated to last a minimum of 24–72 hours. For more information on PSPS and planning, visit Cal Poly Emergency Management or PG&E. We understand the impacts this may have and appreciate your understanding. Some ASI managed facilities and programs may have specific information and procedures, read more below.

Children's Center

As the safety and security of your children are our priority, the ASI Children’s Center is proactively preparing in the event that a pre-planned or unexpected power outage occurs. Below are a few important details to be aware of:

  • Basic operations of the Children’s Center will be maintained. However, during a power outage, check-in at the front desk and tuition payments will not be processed.
  •  A generator has been purchased to maintain the refrigeration system in the kitchen. All breast milk from the classrooms will be relocated to the kitchen to be kept cool. If you are concerned about maintaining the temperature of breast milk, you are encouraged to pick it up on day one of the outage and bring it in as necessary for day two.
  • As all of our classrooms have natural light and outdoor play areas, the children should experience minimal impacts to their daily schedule.

For power outages lasting 24–72 hours, the operational plan for the Children’s Center is as follows:

Day 1 

The center will be open during regularly scheduled hours or one hour after sunrise until one hour before sunset. Cold meals and snacks will be provided.

*If possible, families are encouraged to pick up their children on day one of an outage. 

Day 2 

The center will only be open for children of currently enrolled essential personnel who are required to be on campus in the event of an outage. A completed essential staff form will be required. Please consider the role of the secondary parent and their availability to care for your child during an outage before completing the form. The center will be open during regularly scheduled hours or one hour after sunrise until one hour before sunset. Lunches and snacks will be required to be brought from home.

Day 3 

Facility closed. No child care available.

*Hours subject to change. The center will close in the event of excessive heat or low water pressure. 

Recreation Center

In the event of a PSPS, the Cal Poly Recreation Center will remain operational at a limited capacity to include areas that are deemed safe for occupants based on adequate lighting, air quality, proper heat indexing, and pool circulation. Outdoor workout areas will be available based on the criteria listed above in order to provide recreational opportunities to support the Cal Poly community. Pools will close when Model Aquatic Health Code water recirculation requirements are unable to be met due to a power outage.

For power outages lasting 24 to 72 hours, the Recreation Center will be open from one hour after sunrise until one hour before sunset. The lap and leisure pool will be closed. Selected areas of the facility will be identified to be available for use while others will be closed.

Access to the Recreation Center will require a photo ID or Cal Poly ID card and manual sign-in for waiver of liability. A sign-in table will be placed at the lobby entrance.

University Union

The University Union is currently opened in a limited capacity due to COVID-19 with only the first floor open. In the event of a PSPS, some services may be unavailable.