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Voting is one of the most powerful ways you can stay civically engaged and exert influence in policy decisions. Join ASI Student Government in our efforts to register more students to vote than any other public or private university in California. Be a part of the future and Flex Your Right in local, state, and federal level elections.

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ASI Student Government

Flex Your Vote — Flex Your Right

Cal Poly students have a vital voice in the decision-making process at the local, state, and federal levels. Flex Your Right is Student Government’s annual voter registration campaign providing students the opportunity to register to vote using their local San Luis Obispo address or home address. Cal Poly students have a long-standing history of staying civically engaged. During Student Government’s annual Flex Your Right voter registration drives, Cal Poly students have shown up and registered to vote. In 2018 and 2019, Student Government registered the most students to vote than any other university in California with over 3,000 students in 2018 and over 2,000 students in 2019. During the 2020 Election Year, Cal Poly ranked as one of the highest in the CSU system specifically, registering over 1,000 students to vote.

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Ways to Be Civically Engaged on Campus

Civic engagement doesn’t end after an election! You still have the opportunity to get involved with ASI Student Government and the campus community, as well as the broader San Luis Obispo Community.

Learn More about the Board of Directors and Join the Meetings

Attend a Board of Directors Meeting

Students and community members are welcome to speak during Open Forum, which happens during the first 30 minutes of every meeting. Meetings are held every other Wednesday from 5:10 – 8:00 PM.

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Learn More about the UUAB and join the meetings

Attend a University Union Advisory Board Meeting

Students and community members are welcome to speak during Open Forum, which happens during the first 15 minutes of every meeting. Meetings and workshops are held every other Thursday from 2:10 – 4:00 PM.

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Learn More about the standing committees and join a meeting

Attend a Meeting for our Standing Committees

Students and community members are welcome to speak during Open Forum, which happens during the first 15 minutes of each meeting. Meeting dates, times, and information are provided for each Standing Committee.

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Learn More about the ASI president office hours

Attend Office Hours with ASI President

Students are welcome to attend and ask any questions or just have a chat with our President, Tess Loarie! ASI President Office Hours are held every Monday from 9:00 — 11:00 AM.

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Civic Engagement Outside of the Campus Community


  1. Attend a virtual San Luis Obispo City Council meeting and watch it remotely. City Council meetings are held every other Tuesday at 6:00 PM, dates are found on the City Calendar. Community members are welcome to provide a public comment by mail, email, phone, or by speaking during the City Council meeting. Webinar information and information on public comments are provided. You can also choose to watch previous City Council meetings.
  2. Attend a virtual San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors meeting and watch or listen remotely. Community members are welcomed to provide a public comment by email, mail, leaving a voicemail, or speaking by phone during a meeting. Information on the Board of Supervisors, meetings, and public comments are provided. Meeting agendas, minutes, and webinar information are also provided.
  3. Write a letter, email, or call your local representatives and voice your concerns. Constituents are encouraged to contact their representatives in regard to any concerns, oppositions, or propositions they may have. Contact information for elected representatives are listed below:
    1. San Luis Obispo Mayor and City Council
    2. San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors
    3. California State Assembly Members and Senators
    4. California Congressional House of Representatives
    5. California Congressional Senators
  4. Attend meetings and get involved with the San Luis Obispo City Advisory Bodies. These committees focus on a variety of issues affecting San Luis Obispo and advise the City Council on related policy matters that will affect the future of the community. Committees emphasis on a range of topics from Transportation, Diversity & Inclusion, Architectural Review, and more. The list of advisory bodies with their meeting dates, times, and agendas can be found at the San Luis Obispo city website.

Renters' Rights

Renters’ Rights is a virtual campaign that provides information to students regarding their rights as a resident in San Luis Obispo County. Student Government provides students with various online pamphlets describing specific rights they have when it comes to security deposits, evictions, how to approach broken appliances, living condition expectations, and the responsibilities of landlords.

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General Election Voter Information

Being a civically engaged and informed student is vital for our communities to thrive at the local, state, and national level. Take a moment to ensure you are registered to vote, check your voter status, find your polling location, and more.
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Get Involved

Even if you are unable to register to vote, there are still ways to exert your influence by attending public meetings, speaking at open forums, petitioning, grassroots organizing efforts, or attending a civic engagement event hosted by Student Government. Sign up for our civic engagement newsletter to stay connected and find out how you can be more civically engaged in your community.


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Lindsey Lee

Coordinator - Government Affairs