Children's Center Programs

The Orfalea Family and ASI Children’s Center provides quality early care and education services to children from four months of age through kindergarten.



Ages 4 months–2 years

Designed to accommodate growth in all areas of development, this program has an array of stimulating activities and materials balanced by a daily routine that provides security and predictability for the children. Nursing mothers are encouraged to feed their babies in the classroom.

Ratio: 1 teacher to 3 children

smiling baby from the infant program at the asi children's center

Ages 2–3 years

Children learn how to express their newfound desire for control and autonomy and at the same time develop social skills as interest in their peers grows. Children are encouraged to initiate their own activities, while adults provide appropriate choices and limits.

Ratio: 1 teacher to 4 children

children in the transition program at the asi children's center

Ages 3–5 years

Curriculum focuses on collaboration, decision-making, negotiation, and the development of physical and cognitive skills. Activities revolve around the children’s interests and ideas with time for children to explore at their own pace. Their experience develops skills for continuous learning.

Ratio: 1 teacher to 8 children

teacher reading to students in the preschool program at the asi children's center

Ages 5–6 years

Curriculum provides opportunities to explore learning areas such as art, science, literacy, mathematics, and physical skills to support ongoing school success. Kindergarten continues to focus on the development of the whole child.

Ratio: 1 teacher to 8 children

children playing with a parachute at the asi children's center
Poly Trekkers

Ages 6–10 years

Poly Trekkers is our summer program for school-age children who have completed kindergarten through fourth grade. The program offers a wide variety of activities to meet the interests of children, while also providing them an opportunity to relax and play with friends. Staff oversee all activities and provide opportunities for crafts, field trips, sports activities, and fun while taking full advantage of the experiences offered on the Cal Poly campus.

Ratio: 1 teacher to 10 children

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image of young students in the poly trekkers program resting on a hike
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Anti-Bias Education

We foster experiences for children to recognize and value differences and likeness, to express their feelings when discomfort occurs, and to ask questions that support healthy emotional and social development with our anti-bias education.

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Explore our nationally accredited classrooms and outdoor areas built for play and discovery.

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