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ASI is always working to enhance our managed facilities to better meet the needs of students and the Cal Poly community.

Projects are funded by financial reserves and do not impact student fees.

Active Projects

Upper Turf Field Project and Closure


As a mainstay for Cal Poly field sports, clubs, and more, the Cal Poly Sports Complex’s Upper Fields will have their turf replaced beginning April 1, 2022.

From ASI Intramural Sports to club competitions and regular community traffic, the Upper Fields host communities from all over campus. To keep serving those communities and more, the Upper Fields will have to undergo a renewal. The anticipated completion of this project is September 2022.


The new artificial turf field will be suited for the activities and field sports that the Sports Complex regularly sees. The field will also be outfitted with updated lining for soccer, flag football, men’s and women’s lacrosse, and field hockey.

Detailed amenities include:

  • New artificial turf
  • Lining for Soccer, Flag Football, Men’s Lacrosse, Women’s Lacrosse, and Field Hockey
  • Fenceline and entry gate improvements
  • LED overhead sports lighting upgrade


The Upper Fields (160-162A, 160-162B, and 160-162C) will remain closed during the duration of the project. The Lower Fields consist of four grass fields (160-163A, 160-163B, 160-163C, 160-163H) and three softball fields (160-163D, 160-163E, 160-163F) will be available for reservations as an alternate location. 

Closed during project?

Yes, starting April 1, 2022

Project Timeline

5 months

Estimated Budget

$5 million

PROJECT CONTACT: ASI Director — Facilities Management, Ron Skamfer 805-756-1263

Completed Projects

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