ASI and university committees provide students the opportunity to represent the student voice on a variety of committees and assist with campus decision-making on a range of topics.

ASI Student Government members serve on a variety of ASI committees. All ASI Standing Committees and Ad Hoc Committees report to the ASI Board of Directors. Committee meetings have concluded for the 2019–20 academic year.

Meetings for the 2020–21 academic year will begin in September 2020.

ASI Standing Committees

ASI Business & Finance Committee

Responsible for issues relating to all corporate finance and personnel matters. The specific operations of this committee in regard to personnel matters shall be carried out in accordance with the ASI Personnel Policy Manual. This committee reviews the ASI budget, recommends personnel and human resources changes to the Board of Directors, and provides fiscal insight to the club funding liaisons regarding ASI Club Funding.


ASI/UU Internal Review Committee

Responsible for reviewing and making recommendations to the board on the following: ASI Club Funding Policies, independent auditor’s service proposals and selection of audit firm, ASI Audit, Corporate Risk Management, and Insurance Plans, ASI Bylaws, and policy additions and/or modifications.

ASI External Affairs Committee

Responsible for representing, serving, and addressing student concerns before any local, state, and federal legislature. Committee recommends whether to support or oppose any pending legislation concerning Cal Poly students or the California State University system to the board. This committee communicates lobbying efforts, research legislation, and reports all issues to the board. This committee also works to establish long-term relationships between ASI and city, county, and state representatives.

ASI Recruitment & Elections Committee

This committee is responsible for the effective recruitment of candidates to serve in every branch of Student Government in addition to ASI Leadership Team positions. The committee develops and recommends regulations pertaining to elections for approval by the board, supervises the conduct of all ASI elections, and reports the results of ASI elections to the board. The specific operations of this committee in regards to elections shall be carried out in accordance with the ASI Election Code.

ASI Diversity & Inclusion Committee

Responsible for ensuring that Student Government serves as an inclusive environment to serve the needs and address concerns of underrepresented minority students. This committee may make recommendations to the board on inclusive language and consideration of student intersectionality’s within endorsements, resolutions, and bills. This committee also hosts town halls open to all students and advertised directly to underrepresented minority groups to garner feedback on campus and ASI issues pertaining to diversity and inclusion. In conjunction with the chair and vice chair of the board, the committee pursues and completes trainings about diversity, equity, inclusion, and ally-ship issues. This knowledge is then applied to all committees student leaders serve on to ensure Student Government is considering all matters relating to diversity and inclusion.

Campus Committees

In the spirit of shared governance, students have the opportunity to serve on a wide range of university committees and represent the student voice in the decision making process.

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