Financial Processes

ASI Club Services

As the campus continues to respond to COVID-19 and the many impacts it will have on the operations of campus activities, the following is important information for club officers and advisors regarding club operations.

Financial Processes

Club Payment Request Forms (PRF’s)

Club Payment Request Forms (PRF’s) will be processed via Adobe Sign. Initiate the PRF process, and once all required fields are completed, a blank PRF will be sent to the form requester for completion. Upon submission, the PRF will be routed to the designated club officer and advisor through Adobe Sign for approval/signature.

Please note: ASI Club Services cannot honor payment requests for expenses that do not align with guidelines and protocols from governing authorities and the university (I.e. in person events or club travel). However, reimbursements will be honored for club activities that adhere to current university policies and protocols (i.e. virtual meetings, events, or activities).

Important Instructions:

  • The Payee, club officer, and club advisor emails MUST be personal email addresses. Club emails, department emails, and non emails are not permitted.
  • Club officers and advisors designated on the form MUST be listed on the current club charter on file with the university and have financial authorization.
  • The Payee, club officer, and club advisor MUST be three different emails. Club officers cannot sign their own PRFs.
  • Under Agreement Name, enter “PRF for [Club Name].” Where [Club Name] is the name of your club.
  • You can optionally CC up to three people in the fields provided (Cal Poly or non-Cal Poly).

File Attachments:

  • Receipts: Attach all receipts as a single PDF file. (This field is required)
  • W-9: Required for reimbursement of services, including coaching/refereeing/judging payments, etc.
  • Contract: Required for justifying deposits or other up-front payments.
  • Marketing approval: Required if you have used the Cal Poly name, marks, or other university symbols in your event/purchase.

Direct Deposit Enrollment

In an effort to ensure reimbursements can be processed in a timely manner, we strongly encourage all club officers and advisors to complete a Direct Deposit Application. Once completed, please sign as the ‘authorized enrollee.’ Note: If the form is not signed, we are unable to process your application and it will be returned.

With the application, please include one of the following:

  • A photo or scan of a check with ‘VOID’ written across the check, or
  • A copy of your bank’s direct deposit info showing the routing and checking or savings account number (found within your online banking page).

Please email the completed application and back-up documentation to Once set up, an email will be sent on the day the reimbursement is processed notifying that funds were sent to the indicated bank.


Club Deposits

CHASE Bank is no longer accepting club deposits. General RSO deposits can be made in person at the SESLOC branch located on the first floor of the University Union, next to the Starbucks pick-up window. This location is the only SESLOC branch that can accept club deposits. A digital club deposit slip is available inside the branch with a SESLOC member services representative available to assist you.

RSO donation deposits must be made in person at the ASI Business Services window located at the front of the Cal Poly Recreation Center (Building 43). Please have your Cash Securities Form complete before approaching the window. For more information contact ASI Club Services at or (805) 756-5807.

A Club Deposit Slip must be completed for each deposit.


Winter Quarter | Week 4

January 24 - 30

(Applicable modified hours shown in red.)

ASI Club Services Hours

  • Monday - Sunday: 12am - 12am