The Orfalea Family and ASI Children’s Center Waiting List Procedure & Application

Revised February 2024

The Orfalea Family and ASI Children’s Center is funded in part by ASI fees paid by Cal Poly students. The ASI Children’s Center mission is to provide quality early care and education services to the Cal Poly campus community.


Application Acceptance Timeline

The timeline for acceptance of waiting list applicants is as follows:

  • Application Closed: Dec. 1, 2023–Feb. 29, 2024
  • Application Open: Mar. 1–Nov. 30, 2024

Application Fee

There is a one-time, non-refundable $50.00 application fee per child which is due within two weeks of submitting the application online. If the application fee is not received within two weeks, the application will be voided and a new application will need to be submitted, no exceptions.

Cal Poly Students are exempt from the application fee. Application fees are accepted in person or by mail only. Payment may be made via check or Credit/Debit card; All major credit cards are accepted. Cash is not accepted.

Please mail checks to Associated Students, Inc. (in the memo line, include Child’s Name):

ASI Children’s Center

1 Grand Ave., Building 133

San Luis Obispo, CA 93407-0495


Children’s Center Definitions

Students: Students currently enrolled in a degree-awarding program at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo that pays full ASI fees as a part of their tuition. Students participating in the Dependent Fee Waiver program qualify for student status. Not included are those students enrolled through Cal Poly Continuing Education as tuition for this program does not include ASI fees. Also excluded are Staff and Faculty participating in the State Fee Waiver Program.

Subsidized Families: Low-income Cal Poly parents who qualify for financial assistance as provided by the California Department of Education’s Child Development Division or the California Department of Social Services.

Faculty/Staff: Current employees receiving paychecks from ASI, Cal Poly (State) or Cal Poly Corporation. Professors working solely through the Continuing Education Program are not considered to be faculty of the University nor are those employed through temporary or personnel agencies.

Alumni: Former students who have received their degree from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo.

Community: Community members that are not affiliated with Cal Poly as shown above.


Waiting List Priority

Priority: Subsidized students are given the highest priority, based on the income guidelines set by the California Department of Education or the California Department of Social Services, followed by students that do not qualify for subsidized childcare. Cal Poly faculty/staff follow students in the waiting list priority. Siblings of children currently enrolled in the center are given priority over other applicants within each priority category.

Non-Priority: Alumni and community members have non-priority status and will be accommodated only after the campus needs for each particular age group has been met. Due to limited space and an extensive waiting list, applications from community families are not accepted until a child turns three years old.


Applicant Verification

The Children’s Center verifies the status of all student and staff/faculty applicants. Proof of acceptance is required by the student parent if a waiting list application is submitted prior to a student enrolling in classes at the University.


Accepting Enrollment

When a space becomes available, the Children’s Center will contact the family by phone and/or email. The Children’s Center will offer a time slot of space available and an anticipated starting date. At this time a brief tour will be scheduled to discuss center philosophy and answer any programmatic questions. When a space is accepted the family will meet with administrative staff for a center orientation and with the child’s teacher to learn more about the classroom operation prior to the first day of attendance.


Declining Enrollment

When a space for enrollment is offered a parent may decline the space once and remain on the waiting list. In the future, if a space is offered and declined a second time, the child will be removed from the waiting list. A new application and fee must be completed if the family wishes to return the child to the list.


Change of Status

We understand that there may be instances in which a family’s status will change. It is important to communicate these changes to us at your earliest convenience so that we can change the status of your application. This allows us to offer a space following our priorities and prevents a misunderstanding if space is offered when a child is not actually eligible due to an incorrect status.

Some examples of a status change may be:

  1. A Cal Poly Student graduate and is now considered Alumni status.
  2. A Cal Poly Student is not enrolled in classes during fall, winter, or spring quarters. (It is the parent’s responsibility to inform us when re-enrolled in classes with the University).
  3. A Cal Poly Student graduates and accepts a Staff/Faculty position at Cal Poly immediately after graduation.
  4. A Cal Poly Staff/Faculty member leaves employment with the University.

If a family’s status change occurs AFTER their child is enrolled at the Children’s Center, the family must notify the Children’s Center immediately. This will ensure that the proper billing rate is being charged to the family at the time the status change occurs.


Waiting List Information Updates

The Children’s Center will send out “Information List Update Forms” once per year by email in February. Families who do not complete and return the forms by the due date will be automatically dropped from the list. If the deadline is missed in error, a new application and fee must be submitted.


Children with Diagnosed Special Needs

The ASI Children’s Center has the ability to enroll children with special needs. If your child has a diagnosed special need at the time a space is offered, you will be asked about the current services your child receives and their developmental challenges. In collaboration, we will determine, based on the diagnosis and the discussion if we are able to safely meet the needs of your child in our setting. In some cases, the parents may be asked to work with service providers to provide an aide in the classroom to assist the child’s daily success.


Waiting List Status Inquiries

The Children’s Center currently cannot accommodate all the needs of those wishing to enroll. Children’s Center staff is available to answer questions regarding a child’s status on the waitlist. However, harassment and/or disrespect due to frustration that a child has been on the list for longer than expected will not be tolerated. Anyone who harasses or threatens a staff member will be reported to the campus police and their child will be removed from the waiting list. Reapplication will not be permitted.


Please call the Children’s Center at 805-756-1267 with any questions.


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