ASI Club Sponsorship Policies & Procedures

Maximum Allotment: $450 per Recognized Student Organization (RSO) per fiscal year


Approved by the ASI Board of Directors – February 3, 2021


In support of the “ultimate college experience,” ASI Club Funding is available for currently chartered Cal Poly Recognized Student Organizations (RSOs). ASI Club Funding is available to enhance the cultural, educational, social and recreational opportunities for all Cal Poly students.



Availability of, and procedures for, ASI Club Sponsorship will be publicized through Clubs & Organizations and by ASI Club Services through training and educations distributed to RSO officers and advisors.



Applying RSOs must be currently chartered Cal Poly RSOs. Instructionally Related Activities (IRAs), and Club Sports are not eligible to receive ASI Club Funding.

RSOs may apply for both ASI Club Sponsorship and ASI Club Event Co-Sponsorship with a maximum combined allotment of $1,650 per RSO per fiscal year. For example, if your RSO receives $450 through ASI Club Sponsorship, your RSOs can apply for an additional $1,200 through ASI Club Event Co-Sponsorship (for a maximum allotment of $1,650).


Terms of Funding

  1. Eligible RSOs may apply for ASI Club Sponsorship to support the RSOs mission, programs/activities, and general operations that take place throughout the fiscal year. ASI Club Sponsorship Funding must be reconciled by the last day of the ninth week of the academic year (i.e. the Friday of week nine of spring quarter).
  2. Approved RSOs will receive $450 per fiscal year.
  3. ASI reserves the right to disqualify any RSO from applying for ASI Club Funding indefinitely for attempts to defraud or deceive.
  4. All funding decisions will be made without regard to the viewpoint being expressed by the College Club Council.  For more information regarding ASI’s Viewpoint Neutrality Policy, please visit the ASI website.


Expenditure Guidelines

  1. ASI Club Funding must be used for purposes consistent with the California State University Board of Trustees and Campus Administrative Policies.
  2. ASI Club Sponsorship funds cannot be transferred to another Cal Poly RSO.
  3. The following expenditures of ASI Club Event Co-Sponsorship are not permitted:
    1. Expenditures to directly support or oppose any candidate for public office, whether partisan or not, or to support or oppose any issue before the voters as required by California Education Code Title V, Section 42403
    2. Charitable donations
    3. Alcohol
    4. Door prizes, awards, gifts (including gift cards/certificates)

Application Procedures

  1. ASI Club Services will begin accepting applications July 1.
  2. ASI Club Funding Applications are available on the Clubs & Organizations.
  3. RSOs must complete the application, and obtain the original, scanned, or approved digital signatures of a club officer and advisor indicated on the current RSO Charter.
  4. ASI Club Funding will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.
  5. ASI Club Funding appropriation decisions will be made by the ASI Chair of the Board until the Liaison positions are appointed. Liaisons are members of the ASI Board of Directors, appointed by the Chair of the Board.
  6. ASI Club Funding appropriation decisions will be made by the ASI Club Funding Liaisons in conjunction with ASI Club Services staff.
  7. Once ASI Club Funding is exhausted, ASI Club Services will notify RSOs and will no longer accept ASI Club Sponsorship Applications. Additionally, all unfunded applications will be returned.
  8. ASI Club Funding Applications must be submitted to ASI Club Services by the end of the fifth week of spring quarter to be considered to receive ASI Club Sponsorship Funding.
  9. Submittal of an application for ASI Club Sponsorship does


Disbursement of Funds

  1. A completed RSO Payment Request Form (PRF) with appropriate back-up documentation must be submitted to ASI Club Services in order to access funds.
  2. PRFs must be submitted no later than the last day of the ninth week of the academic year (i.e. the Friday of week nine of spring quarter). Late PRFs will not be processed utilizing ASI Club Funding.
  3. Expenses incurred prior to the date of ASI Club Sponsorship approval may be reimbursed using ASI Club Sponsorship funding, if the expenses occurred during the same fiscal year.