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Introducing the 2023–24 ASI Student Government Team


The three ASI Officers serve as student leaders of the Associated Students, Inc (ASI). Students serving in these positions balance the dual role of shared governance at a campuswide level and being a corporate officer to a 501 c (3) non-profit corporation.

The ASI Officers consist of the ASI President, the Chair of the ASI Board of Directors, and the Chair of the University Union Advisory Board (UUAB). In their role, they work directly with campus administration to advocate on key issues and initiatives that impact the Cal Poly student experience. Additionally, they collaborate with the ASI Executive Director to ensure that ASI is upholding our vision, mission, and values, connecting students to their ultimate college experience.

Introducing the 2023–24 ASI Officer Team:

ASI President — Sam Andrews  

From the College of Agriculture, Food, and Environmental Sciences, Sam is a fourth-year environmental management and protection major. Last year, Sam served as the ASI Secretary of Sustainability on the ASI Cabinet.

The ASI president serves as a student leader within Associated Students, Inc. (ASI), advocating for the student body on campus while working as a vital link between students, administration, and faculty. Along with the other ASI Officers, the ASI president works to ensure that the ASI vision, mission, and values align with the needs and aspirations of Cal Poly students.

In their role, the ASI president strives to influence positive changes that enhance student life and promote a supportive and inclusive campus environment. In Sam’s message to Cal Poly students, they write “My goals this year are to massively increase student engagement with ASI, restructure both our internal processes and external relationships to improve effectiveness and work to better support student’s basic needs. My primary hope for what can be accomplished through these efforts is a more physically, financially, and structurally accessible Cal Poly.”

Learn more about the Executive Cabinet.


Chair of the ASI Board of Directors—Siddharth Kartha

From the College of Engineering, Siddharth is a fourth-year computer science major. Last year, Siddhartha served as a College of Engineering representative on the ASI Board of Directors.

The Chair of the ASI Board of Directors also holds a crucial leadership position within ASI, guiding and overseeing the operations and decision-making processes. The Chair is responsible for ensuring Board meetings run smoothly and productively. They play a crucial role in fostering communication between the Board, ASI staff, administration, and other stakeholders. Working closely with the ASI Executive Director, they provide valuable guidance and support to uphold ASI’s vision, mission, and strategic goals.

Additionally, the Chair works collaboratively with Board members, supporting their professional development and ensuring their active engagement in Board responsibilities and committees. With regards to the upcoming academic year, Siddharth hopes to, “help ASI and Student Government rejuvenate and grow to greater heights and expand to new areas.”

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Chair of the University Union Advisory Board—Aaron Fernandes

From the College of Engineering, Aaron is a fourth-year industrial engineering major. Last year, Aaron served as the Secretary of University Affairs & Presidents Designee on the University Union Advisory Board and Executive Cabinet. Aaron expressed, “I am honored to be given the opportunity to work with a dedicated team of leaders to enhance our ASI-managed facilities and the programming within them to ultimately provide the best Cal Poly experience for every student.”

The Chair of the UUAB takes charge of running meetings, planning agendas, and guiding discussions among UUAB members. Additionally, they serve as a liaison between the UUAB and the University Administration, keeping them informed about the group’s activities and conveying UUAB’s recommendations to the ASI Executive Director and University President for the final decisions.

One of the key duties for this position is to collaborate with UUAB members to provide strategic guidance for University Union fee-funded facilities and programs. This involves reviewing and providing input on the Cal Poly Recreation Center, University Union, Cal Poly Sports Complex, and Doerr Family Field programs, services, and facility enhancements.
Learn more about the University Union Advisory Board.

Looking to get involved?

For any student interested in engaging with ASI Student Government and wants to learn more about getting involved, we invite you to consider joining the ASI Executive Staff! This is a low-pressure, fun opportunity to make friends, explore the offerings of our ASI Student Government, and become a more engaged student. The first Executive Staff meetings will begin during fall quarter and can be attended by any interested Cal Poly student—all are encouraged to show up!

Learn more about how to get involved with ASI Student Government.

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