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ASI Board of Directors Approves Funding for the Cal Poly Safer Program


On May 3, 2023, the ASI Board of Directors unanimously voted to approve a one-time financial contribution of $20,000 in funding to support Cal Poly Safer.

Safer is Cal Poly’s prevention education and confidential advocacy resource for sexual assault, intimate partner violence, domestic violence, stalking, sexual exploitation, and harassment.

ASI’s Commitment to Supporting Safer

The ASI Board of Directors allocated $20,000 to Safer to support prevention education efforts and existing program infrastructure for the 2023–24 academic year. Board members believe this funding will make a broad and positive impact on the student community by furthering the important work done by Safer and Campus Health & Wellbeing. In a demonstration of shared governance and mutual agreement regarding the importance of the Safer Program, Cal Poly President, Jeff Armstrong committed matching funds of $20,000 towards the program. Safer plans to utilize this funding to pay for three paid student assistants and for prevention education within Fraternity and Sorority Life.

“Throughout this year, the ASI Board of Directors noticed an increase in gender- and power-based violence on campus, and felt it was important to take action to support the campus community,” said the 2022–23 Chair of the ASI Board of Directors, Marirose Evenden. The Board of Directors identified Safer, managed through Campus Health & Wellbeing (CHW), as an avenue to support students impacted by gender- and power-based violence. By providing funding for Safer, the ASI Board of Directors believes this initiative will have a broad impact on the entire student community and serves as a positive contribution in furthering the mission of Campus Health & Wellbeing. After the 2023–24 academic year, ASI will work with Safer to evaluate the use and effectiveness of how the funds have benefited the campus community.

What is the ASI Board of Directors?

The ASI Board of Directors is the official voice of Cal Poly students and provides oversight to the Associated Students, Inc. (ASI), including approval of ASI policies and the ASI budget. The Board is comprised of student-elected representatives from each academic college. Their responsibilities range from advocating on behalf of students to providing oversight of the Associated Students, Inc (ASI).

For more information, review the ASI Board of Directors Minutes or contact ASI Student Government at 


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