ASI Executive Cabinet

About the Executive Cabinet

The ASI president and chief of staff oversee the Executive Cabinet which works with student volunteers, ASI staff, and community members to carry out the president’s goals. Elected in the annual spring ASI elections, the ASI president works with university, city, and state leaders to represent student interests at every level.

Meet the Executive Cabinet

Gracie Babatola

ASI President

Andrew Kim

Chief of Staff

Lucie Labrecque

Secretary of Leadership Development and Engagement

Marlena Deleeuw

Secretary of Interal Affairs

Samuel Andrews

Secretary of Sustainability

Yvonne Bee

Secretary of Diversity and Inclusion

Daniella Day

Secretary of Health & Wellbeing

Aaron Fernandes

Secretary of University Affairs & President's Designee

Regina Hockert

Secretary of Accessibility

Abigail Dorman

Secretary of Community Relations

Toby Walpole

Secretary of Clubs and Organizations

Upcoming Meetings

Members of the public and campus community are welcome to participate and provide public comment during the open forum. Open forum takes place during the first 15 minutes of every meeting. If you are unable to participate in a Executive Cabinet meeting, but would like to address the group, you may send a letter to the Chief of Staff. Letters will be read at the next regularly scheduled meeting.

ASI President Office Hours

ASI President Office Hours

ASI President, Gracie Babatola, hosts office hours for students to have the opportunity to get to know her, ask any questions, or just say hi!

ASI President Office Hours
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ASI Executive Staff Meetings

The ASI Executive Staff is designed for students who have the desire to get more involved in leadership and to learn more about all areas of ASI Student Government, including the Board of Directors, University Union Advisory Board, and Executive Cabinet. Meetings are held on the last Friday of each month.

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Contact Information

Gracie Babatola

ASI President

Andrew Kim

ASI Chief of Staff