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ASI Board of Directors Endorses the 2023 Cal State Student Association (CSSA) Policy Agenda


On February 15, 2023, the ASI Board of Directors unanimously passed an endorsement of the 2023 Cal State Student Association (CSSA) Policy Agenda. The Cal State Student Association (CSSA) is a student-led organization that “strives to improve the lives of California State University (CSU) students by advocating for student needs and engaging students in systemwide, state, and federal higher education policymaking.”

The 2023 CSSA Policy Agenda was drafted by the executive officers of CSSA in consultation with staff and was approved by the CSSA Board of Directors in October 2022. CSSA staff and executive officers formalized the policy agenda for wide distribution and advocacy purposes.

As the official representatives for students, members of ASI Student Government will use the CSSA Policy Agenda to advocate for the needs of students more effectively by shaping the conversation around several core concepts. The first of these policy areas focuses on “Address[ing] the Total Cost of Attendance for CSU Students”. In addition to this broad goal, the policy agenda is further strengthened by subdivisions with focuses on housing, food insecurity, and more. The overall goal of endorsing this policy agenda is to make clear to relevant stakeholders the connection between ASI and CSSA and how that cooperation translates into tangible gains for students.

Learn more about the Cal State Student Association. For any questions regarding the board, please contact the ASI Board of Directors Chair at

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