Frame Your ASI: Your Campus, Our Future


The ASI Student Survey is ready to launch, with three weeks of high-value prizes for students! Open to all Cal Poly students from Feb. 12 to March 4, 2024, this survey seeks to garner student feedback to assist the organization in future prioritization of offerings, services, and managed facilities that are most impactful to creating the ultimate college experience and serving campus.

ASI is excited to invite Cal Poly students to not only voice their thoughts and actively shape the future of ASI, but also potentially win enticing prizes. “We recognize the importance of our students’ time, and as a sign of our appreciation, we are offering exciting prizes each week,” said Missi AllisonBullock, ASI Programs Coordinator and Project Lead for the survey. Survey prizes change each week, and include Cal Poly parking passes, Shabang tickets, AirPod Pros, an Apple Watch, JBL Speaker, and so much more! Students will self-select to win prizes at the end of the survey.

The survey tagline, “Frame Your ASI: Your Voice, Our Future,” encapsulates the mission of ASI and aims to gather valuable insights from Cal Poly students. Siddharth Kartha, Chair of the ASI Board of Directors, emphasized, “At the center of ASI is the ‘S’ that stands for students. The feedback collected from this survey will determine what ASI looks like for decades to come. We need and want students to engage in this survey so we can continue to put their needs at the forefront of our decision-making. For questions related to the survey, contact Missi Allison-Bullock, ASI Programs Coordinator at for more information.

About ASI: Associated Students, Inc. is a private auxiliary organization at Cal Poly. We are one, corporate, legal entity responsible for the administration and oversight of all state-of-the-art managed facilities, programs, and services funded with University Union and ASI student mandatory fees. Since Associated Students at Cal Poly was established in 1940 and officially incorporated in 1964, ASI has represented the collective student voice through shared student governance. Every Cal Poly student is a part of ASI and we serve to ensure that student voices are heard, represented, and championed within the Cal Poly community.