Enhancing Your ASI Experience: Real-Time Usage Insights Now Available at the Cal Poly Recreation Center & University Union!


In response to student feedback regarding ASI-managed facilities, the University Union Advisory Board (UUAB) has taken steps to introduce a real-time activity usage system at the Cal Poly Recreation Center and Julian A. McPhee University Union. The integrated technology shows community members how busy areas of each facility are, in real-time.

University Union Advisory Board (UUAB) Chair Aaron Fernandes displays the ASI Access app on a cellphone in the Cal Poly Recreation Center lobby.
Aaron Fernandes, Chair of the University Union Advisory Board (UUAB)

The UUAB aims for this new facility feature to promote transparency during peak hours. The intention of this initiative is to alleviate intimidation some students may feel, but also attract them to visit during periods of lower occupancy. Aaron Fernandes, Chair of the University Union Advisory Board, highlights “Thanks to student feedback and engagement, we are pleased to bring this idea to fruition and hope it enhances the student experience and accessibility of the Recreation Center and University Union. We encourage the Cal Poly community to continue providing feedback and ideas of ways to better our facilities, as the University Union Advisory Board works to connect Cal Poly to life outside the classroom.”

How does it work?

The implementation of this privacy-friendly occupancy technology will utilize sensors in the three main exercise areas of the Recreation Center and the two lounge areas and open space of the University Union to determine activity capacity in real-time. The sensors detect WiFi and Bluetooth signals from electronic devices to estimate the number of occupants in the building. The system does not collect personally identifiable information. The technology maintains 90% accuracy with its data and takes into account individuals with multiple devices.

The availability of this occupancy communication approach has gained traction across higher education institutions, with a growing number of universities recognizing the benefits of real-time technology systems. Several universities including UCLA, UC San Diego, and UC Santa Barbara have also integrated this system within their campus facilities.

While ASI took the lead in driving this initiative and introducing the concept to the Cal Poly community, various campus groups are also actively working to incorporate the technology into additional university locations. By integrating this technology, ASI and other campus partners aim to enhance the overall experience for students, enabling them to access real-time occupancy information and make informed decisions about their locations for their activities. This collaborative effort showcases ASI’s commitment to providing innovative solutions that contribute to a more efficient and enjoyable campus environment.

“We hope students will be pleased with this new offering at the Recreation Center and the University Union, especially as ASI expands to 24/7 operating hours on the second floor of the University Union to support students with safe and convenient study space during the Kennedy Library Transformation project,” Fernandes said.

The new Space Activity feature is available now through the ASI Access app. Visit the Apple App Store or Google Play to download the app. Get the most out of ASI Access including managed-facility notifications and program updates by setting up your access today!

Have any thoughts or comments regarding ASI-managed facilities? Submit an ASI Feedback Form to let us know more about your facility experience or to share ideas/suggestions for the organization.

For any questions regarding the University Union Advisory Board, please contact the Chair of the University Union Advisory Board at chairofuuab@calpoly.edu or visit bit.ly/ASI_UUAB.

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