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ASI Election Results: Meet Your 2024–25 ASI President & ASI Board of Directors


The results are in! Your new 2024–25 ASI President is Ashleigh Spragins! From Orfalea College of Business, Ashleigh is a second year Business Administration major.

Ashleigh Spragins received 2230 initial votes — and won through our instant run-off process. A total of 4,505 students voted in our 2024–25 ASI presidential and Board of Directors elections through their Cal Poly Portal and the ASI website from Tuesday, April 23 at 8 a.m. through Thursday, April 25 at 8 a.m.

Presidential candidates (Initial votes received)

Ashleigh Spragins, 2230 votes – winner

Scott Drouin, 1022 votes

Jordan Schleifer, 465 votes

Julian (JT) Hernandez, 244 votes

Marlena Deleeuw, 165 votes (Write-In Candidate)

There are 24 students that won seats representing their college on the ASI Board of Directors. Three seats on the Board of Directors are still pending write-in candidacy verification at the time of the election announcement. The Board of Directors serves as the official voice of Cal Poly students regarding student advocacy efforts and ASI corporate activity. Winter quarter enrollment determines the number of board seats for the following academic year. The 2024–25 Board members and their colleges are:

College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences (Four Seats)

Reagan Denny, 295 votes — winner

Megan Dixon, 288 votes — winner

Morgan Oliveira, 264 votes — winner

Garret Gomes, 231 votes — winner


College of Architecture and Environmental Design (Three Seats)

Aaron Posternack, 105 votes — winner

Bao Quy (Jack) Nguyen, 84 votes — winner

Clark Stafford, 74 votes — winner


College of Engineering (Five Seats)

Sofia Buduchina, 253 votes — winner

Hannah Reyes, 246 votes — winner

Ethan Robin, 214 votes — winner

Ava Marino, 207 votes —  winner

Elias Romero, 204 votes — winner


College of Liberal Arts (Four Seats)

Alyson Engel, 205 votes — winner

Kayla Cavazos, 198 votes — winner

Katelyn Nightengale, 143 votes — winner

Maya Fornera, 117 votes — winner


Bailey College of Science and Mathematics (Four Seats)

Evelyn Jaminet, 168 votes — winner

Joe Fewel, 167 votes — winner

Jett Palmer, 138 votes — winner

Visruth Srimath Kandali, 115 votes — winner


Orfalea College of Business (Four Seats)

Alexis Kong, 141 votes — winner

Dylan Marino, 138 votes — winner

Chloe Tolchinsky, 128 votes — winner

Sam Finch, 123 votes — winner

ASI Student Government utilizes instant run-off voting for the ASI presidential election; students vote by ranking each candidate on their ballots — from first preference to last. After the initial vote, the candidate with the fewest votes is disqualified and their votes are redistributed based on the next preference on each ballot. This process continues until one candidate wins by obtaining more than half of the vote.

Winners will be ratified by the 2023–24 board at an upcoming board meeting. For more information, visit our Recruitment & Elections page or contact ASI Recruitment and Elections Committee Chair, Marc Cabeliza, at

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