ASI Diversity & Inclusion Committee

Responsible for ensuring that Student Government serves as an inclusive environment to serve the needs and address concerns of underrepresented minority students. This committee may make recommendations to the board on inclusive language and consideration of student intersectionality’s within endorsements, resolutions, and bills. This committee also hosts town halls open to all students and advertised directly to underrepresented minority groups to garner feedback on campus and ASI issues pertaining to diversity and inclusion. In conjunction with the chair and vice-chair of the board, the committee pursues and completes trainings about diversity, equity, inclusion, and ally-ship issues. This knowledge is then applied to all committees student leaders serve on to ensure Student Government is considering all matters relating to diversity and inclusion.

Committee Members

Emily Chan

Orfalea College of Business Representative

Daniel Hanson

College of Science and Mathematics Representative

Carlos Rodriguez Orozco

College of Engineering Representative/UUAB Board of Directors Designee

Sujanya Srinath

College of Engineering Representative

Yvonne Bee

Secretary of Diversity and Inclusion

Toby Walpole

Secretary of Clubs and Organizations

Olivia Huyler

College of Liberal Arts Representative