Family Fun Days

Recreation Center Summer Fun

The Cal Poly Recreation Center is the perfect place to spend summer days with family and friends. Amenities include a Leisure Pool, Lap Pool, basketball, sand volleyball, racquetball, & more! Members are invited to host family & friends every Thursday to Sunday during summer.


During Family Fun Days, members may purchase guest passes for up to two adults and up to six children in accordance with a strict supervision ratio of two children (0–15 years of age) to one adult (16+ years of age). Guests must be accompanied by a current Recreation Center member and purchase their guest passes from the ASI Membership Services desk.

Interested in becoming a member? Visit our Membership page.


  • Current Cal Poly Recreation Center members must accompany and may sponsor up to
    • 2 adults (16+ years of age)
    • 6 supervised children (0-15 years of age)
  • Each adult may supervise up to two children
    • One adult required to supervise two children (1:2)
    • Two adults required to supervise four children (2:4)
    • Three adults required to supervise six children (3:6)
Children enjoying the ASI Rec Center Leisure Pool


  • Participants have access to recreation areas including the Leisure Pool (opens at 11 a.m.), sand volleyball courts, basketball and racquetball courts, studios, and age dependent access to exercise rooms and weight equipment.
  • To purchase entry, photo ID required to verify age. If no photo ID is provided, guest is considered a child guest 0–15 years of age.
  • Guests 0–17 years of age require a parent or guardian signature on the ASI Waiver of Liability at the time of purchase.
  • One-Day Guest Pass
    • Adult (16+ years of age) $10/day
    • Child (0–15 years of age) $5/day
  • 44-Day Pass
    • Adult (16+ years of age) $120/pass
    • Child (0–15 years of age) $60/pass
Dad and child enjoying the ASI Rec Center Leisure Pool

Guest Age & Accessible Areas

  • All Children 0–15 years of age must be supervised by an adult at all times.
  • Children 0–11 years of age have no access to exercise rooms, weight equipment, or the second floor.
  • Children 12–15 years of age have no access to the second floor.
  • Adults (16+ years of age) have unsupervised access to all areas.
  • Children 6+ years of age must use the gender-appropriate locker/restroom. Gender-inclusive locker rooms are available on the first floor (by the locker rooms) and on the pool deck.
Family enjoying the ASI Rec Center Leisure Pool

Aquatic Information

  • Leisure Pool hours
    • Thursday–Friday: 11 a.m.–7 p.m.
    • Saturday–Sunday: 11 a.m.–6 p.m.
  • Lap Pool hours
    • Thursday–Friday: 6 a.m.–9 p.m.
    • Saturday–Sunday: 8 a.m.–7 p.m.
  • Water Competency Requirement
    • All individuals who utilize the Recreation Center Lap Pool or Leisure pool may be asked to demonstrate swimming 1-length (25 yds) without assistance and trading water for a minimum of 30 seconds. If one cannot demonstrate water competency, a person shall remain in a shallow area (4ft or less) and must have a water-competent adult within arm’s length in the water.
    • Review our Aquatics Facility Policy before visiting.
  • Children 0–3 years of age must wear swim diapers. Swim diapers are available for $1 purchase at the Recreation Center Membership Services desk.
  • Only U.S. Coast Guard-approved flotation devices are allowed. No unapproved inflatable devices are allowed such as water rings, rafts, inner-tubes, and floats.
  • Approved water toys are available for use at the Leisure Pool.
Boy enjoying the ASI Rec Center Leisure Pool

Food and Beverages

Water and small snacks are permitted. Snacks may only be consumed on the grass area surrounding the sand volleyball courts. Small coolers and lunch bags are permitted. No large ice chests or glass containers are permitted.


Street parking and metered parking available. Visit the Cal Poly Parking Services website for more information.


Photography is prohibited in the facility to protect the privacy of our students, members, and families.