Racquetball Courts Policy

General Policy

  • Reservations are made at the Pro Shop, online, or by calling the reservation hotline at 805-756-5890.
  • Protective eyewear is strongly advised.
  • Intended use of courts takes priority over other uses.
  • Wrist straps are required on rackets.
  • No spitting.
  • Appropriate exercise apparel must be worn. Refer to the Recreation Center General Policies.
  • Leak-proof personal water bottles are permitted. No other drinks or food is permitted.
  • Non-marking, non-scuffing, closed-toed, closed-heel athletic shoes only.
  • Leak-proof personal water bottles are permitted.
  • Sexual harassment of any form will not be tolerated per University policy.


Appropriate Use of Racquetball Courts

  • Racquetball, handball, wallyball, and squash.
  • Dance.
  • Activities that damage walls or floors are prohibited.