Recreation Center General Policy

These policies are designed for the protection of employees, participants and the facilities.



  • The facility is designed to offer opportunities for informal activity by eligible users. Clubs or groups may not have exclusive use of any area without prior reservation; no exercise circuit training by groups.
  • All users must furnish appropriate authorization to use the facility (membership, day use pass, etc.)
  • Personal amplified sound is prohibited; all media devices must use headphones
  • Photography and videography is strictly prohibited in the locker rooms, exercise rooms and pool areas; photography and videography is only allowed with prior, written authorization
  • Disorderly conduct including profane language, employee abuse, or offensive behavior is prohibited and will
    result in dismissal from the facility
  • All users must abide by area policies and comply with requests of Recreation Center or ASI staff
  • Sexual harassment of any form is not tolerated per university policy.
  • Any bleeding or injuries must be reported to Recreation Center staff immediately
  • Private personal training, instruction or practice is prohibited (except approved ASI and Kinesiology training)
  • Posting of any materials (such as flyers or promotional materials) requires prior approval
  • Water bottles must be leak-proof; non-water drinks (energy, supplement, electrolyte, etc.) are prohibited
  • Glass bottles or containers are prohibited
  • Food is prohibited at the recreation center; only clear water may be consumed
  • Tobacco, alcohol, drugs, spitting, and chewing gum are prohibited
  • Roller skates, roller blades, skateboards, mopeds, bikes and scooters are prohibited
  • Backpacks and personal belongings are not allowed in exercise rooms or general activity areas and must be stored in lockers and storage cubbies. Day-use lockers are available throughout the facility.
  • The Recreation Center is not responsible for loss of valuables; locks are available for purchase. Individuals must file a report for any stolen items with UPD.

Dress Code

  • Appropriate exercise attire is required; staff reserves the right to determine the appropriateness of attire
  • Profanity or offensive images, logos or markings on clothing is prohibited
  • Shoes must be worn inside the facility except as required for a scheduled fitness class
  • Shirts are required inside the facility; no bare midriffs, no cut-out or low-hanging clothing
  • Closed-toed shoes with non-marking, non-scuffing soles must be worn in all active fitness areas
  • Shoes with exposed cleats are not allowed; bike shoes are only allowed in the cycling studio
  • Zippers, snaps or metal studs that could damage equipment are prohibited
  • Swimwear is allowed only in the pool areas and locker rooms; thong swimwear is not acceptable

Facility Use

  • No personal exercise equipment is allowed inside the facility
  • All activities must be consistent with the designated purpose of the room and comply with posted signs
  • Participants are expected to exhibit traditional gym etiquette including cleaning machines after use
  • Only service animals as described in the Service Animals on Campus Guidelines and Procedures are allowed
  • Audiovisual equipment in studios and venue locations is to be operated by ASI staff only
  • Weapons or firearms of any kind are prohibited
  • The Recreation Center reserves the right to deny access to anyone. Circumstances not covered in the above will be addressed accordingly by the Recreation Center staff.