ASI Contributes $9.5 Million to the Lynda and Stewart Resnick Student Success Center


San Luis Obispo, Calif. 3/11/24 — In a demonstration of a deep level of commitment to enhancing the student experience, Associated Students, Inc. (ASI) has contributed $9.5 million to the future Lynda and Stewart Resnick Student Success Center.

The new 25,000 square-foot center will create a student-focused space near existing and future housing at the corner of North Perimeter Road and Village Drive. While plans are still under development, the building is slated to feature an expanded professional development center for Career Services, which will allow for increased counselors, advisors, and programming for Career Services. Additionally, the building is set to include Student Diversity and Belonging Centers, with a focus on supporting Cal Poly’s growing number of first-generation students.

“This is a wonderful partnership between external donors and ASI,” Vice President for Student Affairs Keith B. Humphrey said. “I am so excited to see this project create intentional spaces for cultural and identity-based centers and more effectively connect students to resources they need to thrive personally and professionally.”

ASI has committed $9.5 million, over a 10-year period to support the design and construction of the new center, which was recently announced to be named after philanthropists and entrepreneurs Lynda and Stewart Resnick, co-founders of The Wonderful Company.

“As part of ASI’s continued commitment to enhancing the student experience and elevating student voices, we are proud to contribute to the creation of this new space,” said Aaron Fernandes, chair of the University Union Advisory Board, a branch within ASI Student Government. “ASI student leadership is confident that this building will facilitate deeper connections between Cal Poly students and the entities that they engage with. As stakeholders in this project, we are excited for the opportunity to engage in the design of the future building, ensuring that student opinions and vision are at the forefront of this exciting development.”

For additional information about ASI Student Government’s contribution, contact Aaron Fernandes at Learn more about the project from Cal Poly Student Affairs.