Working Conditions and Benefits

The following is a summary of the working conditions and benefits currently provided by ASI. These working conditions and benefit programs are subject to change at any time by action of the ASI Board of Directors and do not represent any guarantee of employment.


ASI employees are paid every other Friday. If a Friday is a holiday, payday will be adjusted. Please refer to the annual ASI Pay Period calendar for the current year for alternate pay days. Generally, paychecks are picked up at your work areas; if not, they may be picked up at the ASI Business Office. 

All time worked over eight (8) hours in one day and forty (40) hours in a workweek and the first eight (8) hours worked on the seventh day of work in a workweek is considered overtime for non-exempt employees. The Executive Director must approve all overtime before it occurs. Hours in excess of eight (8) hours on the seventh day and in excess of twelve (12) hours in one day will be paid at double time. 

Overtime pay requirements: Overtime is based on hours worked not hours paid. If an employee takes 2 hours sick leave and then works 7 hours in one day, they would be paid for 9 hours at their regular rate of pay and not incur overtime. Exempt employees receive no additional compensation for overtime hours. 

Make-up Time
Employees may work up to three (3) hours per workday in excess of eight (8) hours per day without incurring overtime due to personal obligations as long as the total for the workweek (Saturday – Friday) does not exceed forty (40) hours. If an employee (with the prior approval of their supervisor) wants to utilize the make-up time option, they must record these hours as make-up time on their timecard. 

Parking Permit
All ASI employees who will be parking on campus in a staff parking zone must obtain a parking permit. A monthly pre-tax payroll deduction can be made by contacting ASI Human Resources. The Campus Public Safety Department will ticket cars without current parking permits. If you wish to pay cash for your parking permit, present your Polycard (Staff I.D. card) and vehicle license number to the State University Cashier’s Office, Administration (Building 1, Room 131-E). 

All employees are required to carry a Cal Poly I.D. card. ASI will provide instructions for obtaining your Polycard. The Polycard may be used to utilize services of the campus library. The replacement cost for a lost card is $5.00. If an employee leaves employment, their Polycard must be returned to ASI. 

All regular and temporary full-time and part-time employees generally receive approximately 13 paid holidays during the course of each calendar year. Regular part-time employees will receive holiday benefits on a pro-rated basis. ASI’s holiday schedule is initiated annually. 

Personal Holiday 
Each regular and temporary full-time and part-time employee is granted a Personal Holiday at the time of hire, and at the beginning of each calendar year. Personal Holiday hours must be taken at one time (8 hours full-time or pro-rated based on the employee’s time). Employees must request to use their Personal Holiday through the timekeeping system prior to taking the day. 

Birthday Holiday 
All ASI regular and temporary full-time or part-time employees are entitled to take their birthday off with pay. An employee has fifteen (15) days before or after their birthday to take the paid day off. A grace period through January 15 is given to those employees whose birthday falls after December 16th. 

All regular and temporary full-time or part-time employees (excluding intermittent and student employees) will accrue vacation time. Eligible part-time employees will accrue vacation time on a pro-rated basis. Vacation time may be used upon completion of one month of continuous service. Vacations will be scheduled to accommodate the employee whenever possible. Vacation requests must be completed and approved by the immediate supervisor prior to any absence from assigned scheduled working hours. The vacation accrual rate is based upon years of service and position as follows:

Years of Service Accrual per Month (hours) Accrual per Year (days)
Years of Service Less than 3 years Accrual per Month (hours) 6.67 Accrual per Year (days) 10
Years of Service 3 to 6 years Accrual per Month (hours) 10 Accrual per Year (days) 15
Years of Service 6 to 10 years Accrual per Month (hours) 11.33 Accrual per Year (days) 17
Years of Service 10 to 15 years Accrual per Month (hours) 12.67 Accrual per Year (days) 19
Years of Service 15 to 20 years Accrual per Month (hours) 14 Accrual per Year (days) 21
Years of Service 20 to 25 years Accrual per Month (hours) 15.33 Accrual per Year (days) 23
Years of Service Over 25 years Accrual per Month (hours) 16 Accrual per Year (days) 24

*Please Note: Administrator positions accrue at a rate of 16 hours per month from date of hire. 


Sick Leave 
All regular and temporary full-time or part-time employees will accrue paid sick leave at the rate of one workday (8 hours) per month. Eligible part-time employees will accrue sick leave on a pr-rated basis. There is no maximum to the number of hours of sick leave that may be accumulated. Sick leave may not be used for vacation or any reason other than the employee’s own illness or doctor’s appointments, or the illness of a dependent. Sick leave credits may be used to care for a member of the employee’s immediate family who is seriously ill or injured and who requires the attention of the employee. Family Care sick leave may be authorized for routine physical examinations, medical treatment, laboratory testing, or dental care for emergency or non-emergency reasons. Supervisors may request a doctor’s certificate to verify the use of sick leave at any time it is deemed necessary. Up to forty (40) hours of sick leave may be approved for a death in the employee’s immediate family. Absences for reasons subject to the Federal and State Family Medical Leave acts will be administered pursuant to law. 

All regular and temporary full-time and part-time employees are members of the Public Employees’ Retirement System (PERS). The amount deducted is gross salary minus $513 times 5% per month. These contributions are refunded if the employee terminates prior to retirement. Because of a special option established by ASI with the IRS, your taxable income is reduced by the amount of deductions taken for PERS retirement. 

Medical Insurance 
ASI employees (members of PERS) are eligible to participate in the ASI Medical Insurance Plan. The coverage includes the employees and their eligible dependents. ASI Contributes designated amounts for employee-only coverage, employee and one dependent coverage, and for employee and two or more dependent coverage. ASI’s contribution for these three types of coverage normally changes once a year. 

Dental Insurance 
ASI employees (members of PERS) are eligible to participate in the ASI Dental Insurance Plan. The coverage includes the employee and their eligible dependents. There is no cost to eligible employees. 

Vision Insurance 
ASI employees (members of PERS) are eligible to participate in the ASI Vision Insurance Plan. The coverage includes the employee and their eligible dependents. There is no cost to eligible employees. 

Flex Cash 
ASI employees (members of PERS) may choose to receive a monthly cash payment in exchange for waiving medical, dental and/or vision insurance coverage. The cash bonus option amount is comparable to the amount offered by the University. Employees must provide proof of alternate coverage in order to qualify for this option. 

Cafeteria Plan 
Eligible employees may elect to pay for dependent care costs, out-of-pocket medical costs and medical insurance premiums (if applicable) on a pre-tax basis. At the time of election, an employee must specify the annual amount they wish to be redirected to a flexible spending or dependent care account. This amount will be spread out over the remaining pay periods in the calendar year. The employee must turn in receipts for the reimbursable expenses. The dollar amount initially specified must be used within the plan year or the employee will forfeit unused contributions. Certain restrictions apply; contact ASI Human Resources for more details. 

Long-term Disability Insurance 
ASI employees (members of PERS) are covered by ASI’s Long-term Disability Insurance. Employees who are disabled and must miss work for an extended period of time may be eligible to have a portion of their salary paid by Long-Term Disability Insurance. This benefit is subject to the benefit rules and regulations of the State of California and is fully paid for by ASI. 

Life Insurance 
ASI employees (members of PERS) are covered by ASI Life Insurance Policy. Employees are insured for $55,000 plus six (6) months base pay. The cost of this program is fully paid for by ASI. 

Educational Fee Reimbursement 
Full-time employees with full benefits may be eligible to receive reimbursement for the tuition costs of approved courses taken that are work-related or part of a career development plan, provided that prior written approval has been received from their supervisor and the ASI Executive Director. 

Cal Poly Recreation Center Membership 
All ASI employees are eligible for membership at the Cal Poly Recreation Center. See ASI Human Resources for details. 

Tax Sheltered Annuities 
ASI employees (members of PERS) have the option of saving for retirement by using tax sheltered annuities. An employee can request that a deduction be made from their payroll check each pay period for this purpose. Any deduction made for this purpose directly reduces the amount of taxable income the employee reports at the end of the calendar year, and the interest earned on this retirement savings is tax deferred (meaning that it is not taxed until it is withdrawn). The money saved can be withdrawn in either a lump-sum amount or in monthly amounts (annuities). ASI Human Resources maintains a list of approved companies who sell these accounts. See ASI Human Resources for details. 

State Disability Insurance 
Disability pay is provided to all employees for time lost due to any illness or injury, other than those covered by Workers’ Compensation Insurance. The employee contribution rate is established by law. 

Paid Family Leave 
Paid Family Leave is provided to all employees for time lost due to caring for an immediate family member’s illness or injury, or for baby-bonding purposes. The employee contribution rate is established by law. 

Social Security (FICA) 
All ASI employees, exempt student assistants, are covered by the Federal Social Security System. The Federal Government determines the contribution rate. 

Worker’s Compensation 
Safety is a high priority with ASI. Each employee is responsible for maintaining a safe work environment. However, even with this emphasis, it is recognized that accidents do occur on occasion. If a work-related accident does occur, it is the responsibility of the injured employee to report immediately to their supervisor. If the injury requires more than first aid, the supervisor should refer the employee to the Family and Industrial Medical Center. More serious injuries, including all back and neck injuries should be referred directly to the Family and Industrial Medical Center or Sierra Vista Hospital. 

Paid medical expenses and disability pay are provided at no cost to employees, including student employees, should a verifiable job injury occur during the course of employment. Any employee experiencing a verifiable injury will receive full pay for the date of the injury even though it may be necessary to be off work for the balance of the shift. An occupationally injured employee may be eligible to receive a weekly benefit amount from the first day of absence if hospitalized or after three days absence if not hospitalized. ASI’s Worker’s Compensation Insurance Company pays all related medical expenses. If an employee wishes to go directly to their personal physician in the event of a work-related accident, they must file a Physician Designation form prior to the occurrence of an accident.