Student-Community Liaison-Committee Application

History of SCLC

The Student-Community Liaison Committee (SCLC) was formed in spring of 1987 to address issues regarding the community and Cal Poly students. It was envisioned that the chair should be the Cal Poly student body president to demonstrate parity between students and city officials. In 1988 SCLC was expanded to include representatives from Cuesta College. Thanks to the support from several areas (City departments, Chamber of Commerce, Residents for Quality Neighborhoods, and other Cal Poly organizations). SCLC was acknowledged as a key link in communication between students and the City & County of San Luis Obispo.


Mission Statement

The mission of SCLC is to serve as a mechanism for communication between Cal Poly State University, Cuesta College, the City and County of San Luis Obispo, and community organizations. In addition, SCLC will serve to proactively engage in discussions and actions to promote positive relations, mutual respect, and improved quality of life for all citizens of San Luis Obispo.



  • Must be a non-student resident of the City of San Luis Obispo



  • Attend monthly SCLC meetings, which are hosted virtually on the third Thursday of every month from 3:10–5 p.m.
  • Provide an oral monthly report on community happenings.
  • Serve as a representative on community related issues.
  • Encourage dialogue between community members, Cuesta College, and Cal Poly.
  • Bring forth ideas and projects aimed at enhancing community/student relations.


Volunteer titles for San Luis Obispo Resident Organizations 

  • Residents for Quality Neighborhoods Representative
  • Non-Student Community Member-at-Large Representative
  • Geographic Neighborhoods Association Representative

Statement of Interest Form

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