Liz Crosby


Vinyasa Yoga, Power Flow

Liz has been teaching yoga at the Cal Poly Recreation Center for half a decade. She graduated from the University of San Diego with a major in philosophy and minors in English and theology in 2010. Committed to embodying metaphysics, she dove into alchemical immersion. Her first exposure to yoga was off and on again between swells to recuperate from an avid surfer lifestyle. Determined to experience a kundalini arousal through devotional practice, she participated in a six-month-long teacher training that she completed in 2012. As her kundalini conductivity intensified, yoga quickly took precedence and redirected her toward teaching. Liz loves paying it forward energetically as she guides yogis into increasingly more expansive states of being. Welcoming all levels, she has a vast awareness of how to evolve beyond perceived limitations. She is true to her metaphysical roots as she consistently seeks to expand her own consciousness within her own microcosm, not excluding any trajectories. Kundalini cross-training activities include free-weight training, climbing, acro, slacklining, and surfing.

“The microcosm is the macrocosm. Everything is energy. We are all inherently connected. As you learn how to hold space for yourself, it has a benevolent energetic effect on all of existence. You choose your vibration through active participation in evolution.”