Christiane Schroeter

Christiane Schroeter


Barre, Body Pump, Breakaway, Core & More, TRX

Christiane has been working as a certified group fitness instructor since 2013 teaching Barre Connect, Body Pump, 6-Pack Abs, Breakaway, and Total Body Resistance (TRX). She is always happy to see newcomers in her classes, as it is great to welcome somebody who has never attended a group fitness class. These classes create a fantastic opportunity to learn new exercises or improve what you have already been doing. Christiane encourages her class attendees to forget about their daily stresses and believes that if they have fun during their workout, fitness will happen by itself. She is also a professor in Cal Poly’s Agribusiness Department where she teaches marketing and conducts research in the areas of health economics and food labeling. Christiane started working at Cal Poly in 2007 after completing her doctorate degree at Purdue University and living in the Midwest. Off-campus, she enjoys spending time with her husband and kids exploring the Central Coast.

“My primary goal is to inspire people to become stronger and healthier for their day-to-day lives.”