How To Check Availability

A Guide to 25Live Reservations

25Live is a centralized system for scheduling activities and events on campus. Use 25Live to view location information and check availability during your planning process.

How to Check Availability in 25Live

1. Go to 25Live

2. Login using your Cal Poly credentials.

3. Under the “Quick Search” tab, find the “Search Locations” search bar.

4. Enter the location code (ex. 007-0002) and start to search by selecting the search icon or clicking the keyboard Enter key. Once a search is conducted, matching location(s) will appear on a rerouted page, like in image “a” below.


Once a search is conducted you will be rerouted to a page that looks like this. Matching locations will appear as shown in image “b” below.

Note: Some searches may result in several pages of locations. Use the page navigator at the bottom of the page to scroll through results to find your desired location. Once located, select the blue-linked location title.


5. The locations details tab (image “c” below) will include the following:

  1. Default Instructions: General overview of the space and associated rules.
  2. Features: List of features/equipment provided with the space.
  3. Layouts: Capacity of the space; use this to confirm the space is efficient for your event.
  4. Layout Details: Provides a visual layout of the space.

6. Select the “Availability (Daily)” tab to view space availability.

Note: Room availability will be displayed for the following 32 days. White space indicates the location is available during the corresponding time and date.


White space indicates the space is available during that time. 

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