Executive Cabinet Responsibility Guide

Approved by the ASI Board of Directors on March 7, 2018

Student Government members have important duties and responsibilities to the Cal Poly student body. These responsibilities are derived from the ASI bylaws; often, the responsibilities change as the organization grows and changes.

It is a conflict of interest for ASI to employ members of ASI Student Government and require those individuals to have the responsibility of governing and making decisions regarding the organization by which they are employed. Because of this conflict, it is necessary to separate the roles by not allowing a student to simultaneously hold a position in ASI Student Government and be employed by ASI.


University Learning Objectives

ASI is committed to supporting the aspirations of the University Learning Objectives. Our student leaders are expected to make reasoned decisions based on ethics, respect for diversity, and an awareness of issues of sustainability. Additionally, they will work productively as individuals and in groups while communicating effectively.


ASI Executive Cabinet

The members of the Executive Cabinet will be responsible for their respective subcommittees under the supervision of the Chief of Staff and ASI President to reach goals within on-going areas of importance on campus. These are suggested to include but are not limited to: Legislative, Environmental, Community, Diversity, University Issues, Outreach, and Public Relations. The Executive Cabinet shall include at least five and no more than nine students. For purposes of continuity, the title for Executive Cabinet positions shall be “Secretary” of a specified area.


Summary of Typical Involvement

  • Attend weekly meetings of Executive Cabinet.
  • Attend weekly meetings with Chief of Staff.
  • Other responsibilities as directed by the ASI President or Chief of Staff.
  • Expected time commitment for each position will be 10-20 hours per week.
  • Serve on University-wide committees as appropriate.
  • Participate in the overall ASI assessment planning and goal setting.
  • Attend Leadership Development Workshops.
  • Members of the Executive Cabinet are responsible for attending all Quarterly Kick-off trainings. The annual Fall Kickoff will take place before the start of Fall Quarter, dates to be determined by the ASI Leadership Team.



The Program Coordinator – ASI Programs and Leadership will serve as the advisor to the ASI Executive Cabinet. In this role, the Program Coordinator will be responsible for providing education and advising on ASI and university-related issues. In addition, the Program Coordinator will serve as a resource regarding upcoming items of business.

During their term of office, members of the Executive Cabinet must maintain compliance with all CSU and ASI requirements as outlined in the ASI Student Government Qualifications for Office Summary.

The ASI Executive Cabinet receives priority registration and ASI vehicle privileges, if eligible.


Following is a sampling of possible titles and their representative titles and functions. Actual positions are determined by each newly elected ASI President. Additional positions or subcommittees will be added if necessary.


Secretary of Publicity and Marketing

  • Develop marketing/outreach material to increase awareness about ASI and student government priorities, actions, activities, and programs among Cal Poly students.
  • Work together with ASI Public Relations on all PR/media initiatives.

Secretary of Student Affairs

  • Collaborate with Executive Cabinet to coordinate events on behalf of Student Government (i.e., CP Next, Night with Your Neighbors, Zero Waste efforts, Safe Rides, CHESS, etc.
  • Develop and sustain collaborative efforts with Student Life and Leadership.
  • Track and report student grievances through surveying efforts and communication with the Dean of Students.
  • Consistent outreach to clubs and organizations in order to better bridge the gap between Student Government and Cal Poly students at large.

Secretary of Sustainability

  • Act as liaison to the Empower Poly Steering Committee.
  • Develop and implement ideas for environmental resources management in accordance with
    university, regional, and national efforts.
  • Organize “days of action” for environmental advocacy and education.
  • Meet with campus facilities staff to maintain student input in the planning and operations of Cal Poly.
  • Work with the President to further efforts towards making Cal Poly a Zero Waste campus.

Secretary of Campus Climate and University Concerns

  • Address and advocate for current student interests, i.e., transportation, Campus Dining, student services, etc.
  • Track student participation and ensure the effectiveness of student representation on campus-wide committees.
  • Collect and organize reports from students serving on campus-wide committees.
  • Track and report to ASI President University policy initiatives as they affect students.
  • Aide ASI President in communicating monthly goals to University administrators (i.e., curriculum development, campus wide sustainability efforts, safe ride programs, safety initiatives, etc.)

Secretary of Community Relations

  • Attend and advise Student Community Liaison Committee (SCLC).
  • Plan ASI involvement in community-based events, i.e. Make a Difference Day, Good Neighbor Day, Farmer’s Market, Neighbor’s Night Out, Town Gown Conference Planning.
  • Track the issues of SLO City Council and County Board of Supervisors as they pertain to students.
  • Work and collaborate with the SLO Police Department and the University Police Department.
  • Develop and organize efforts to improve neighborhood relations.
  • Continue building relationships with Associated Students of Cuesta College (ASCC).

Secretary of Greek Affairs

  • Develop and strengthen communication between ASI, USFC, PHA, and IFC.
  • Organize ASI/Greek outreach activities and assist with Greek community service initiatives.
  • Collaborate with Greek chapters to provide input regarding ASI programs and services.

Secretary of Legislative Affairs

  • Chair Lobby Corps.
  • Track university, local, and state legislation.
  • Follow progress and legislation passed at current CSSA.
  • Coordinate delegation and attend California Higher Education Student Summit (CHESS).
  • Organize “days of action” to educate students and advocate for legislative/statewide concerns.
  • Aide ASI President in researching and organizing a new CSU Wide student representative assembly.

Secretary of Student Development

  • Aide Career Services in the coordination of the Government/Non Profit/Education Career Fair.
  • Assist ASI President and Chief of Staff in the production of quarterly kick offs.
  • Track and report student grievances to the ASI Officer Team and to the Dean of Students.
  • Work with the Secretary of Student Affairs to implement annual programming and events.

Secretary of Diversity and Inclusivity

  • Serve as a liaison between ASI and the Cross Cultural Centers.
  • Plan initiatives to improve cultural awareness on campus and within ASI.
  • Be a proactive advocate for students, passionately focused on uniting Cal Poly.