Overview of ASI Officer Roles & Board of Directors Attendance Obligations

ASI Officer Roles

ASI has three (3) corporate officers: the ASI President, the Chair of the Board, and the Chair of the University Union Advisory Board (UUAB)

  1. The ASI President is elected by a majority vote of the Members (students at large) during the Annual Spring Election.
  2. The Chair of the Board for the upcoming year is elected by a majority vote of the current Board of Directors members each spring quarter. The chair position is open to any Board member properly elected by their academic college during the Annual Spring Election.
  3. The Chair of the UUAB for the upcoming year is elected by a simple affirmative majority vote of the UUAB student members each spring quarter. The chair position is open to any currently enrolled Cal Poly student who meets UUAB membership requirements.

Board of Directors Attendance Obligations

All Directors are responsible for attending all Board of Directors meetings, workshops, their respective committee meetings, their College Club Council meetings, and student leader training sessions.


Board Workshops

Board Workshops are held Mondays at 5:10 pm fall, winter and spring quarters. In the event of a holiday falling on a Monday, the Board Workshop will be held the next business day.


Board Meetings

Board Meetings are held Wednesdays at 5:10 p.m. on a bi-weekly basis during the fall, winter, and spring quarters; however, no regular meetings are held during the week of final exams and/or dead week unless called by the Chair of the Board.


College Club Council Meetings

Directors are expected to attend their respective College Club Council meetings. Each representative shall make every effort to see that the members of their academic College Club Council are kept informed concerning meetings and activities of the Board by providing reports to that group.


Additional Meetings

Board members are also required to sit on at least one Academic Senate Committee and/or one Universitywide Committee, in addition to an ASI Standing Committee. Each Director will also be called to attend various other ASI events as necessary.

Candidates are urged to consider the responsibility required by this position prior to elections.

In order for the Board of Directors to be effective and represent the student body to their fullest potential, it is essential that all members of the Board of Directors are present and active in the corporation.



No substantial part of the activities of ASI shall consist of carrying on propaganda or otherwise attempting to influence legislation in any political campaign on behalf of any individual campaign of any candidate for public office.

ASI reserves the right to publish general candidate information.