Recreation Center Indoor Track Policy

General Policy

  • Running direction of track changes regularly, follow signs
  • Look first before entering the track
  • Walkers must stay to outside lane
  • There should be no more than two people walking or running side-by-side
  • Sitting, leaning or stretching on rail is not allowed. No stopping on track. Use designated cut-outs
  • Equipment (dumb bells, weight plates, medicine balls, jump ropes) is not allowed on track
  • No spiked shoes, turf shoes, boots, sandals or open-toed shoes are allowed
  • Appropriate exercise apparel must be worn (refer to the Recreation Center General Policies)
  • Leak-proof personal water bottles are permitted. No other drinks or food permitted
  • Balls may not be thrown from the track at any time
  • The track may not be used as a gym spectator area
  • Any bleeding or injuries must be reported to Recreation Center staff immediately