Rental Policies

Poly Escapes

Please read carefully before renting

Inspect all equipment before leaving the Poly Escapes Rental Center

The customer assumes full responsibility for their rental equipment and its condition after it leaves Poly Escapes Rental Center


Equipment Rentals

  • Rentals are first-come, first-served. No advanced reservations are available.
  • Rentals and payment must be completed in person at the Poly Escapes Rental Center during scheduled open hours. No online rentals or reservations are available.
  • Full payment is required at the time of rental; we accept debit and credit cards.
  • The customer must take possession of the equipment at the time of rental and payment; there are no holds.
  • Accepted credit cards: Visa, Master Card, American Express, and Discover.
  • We do not accept Campus Express cards.
    • Keep tent away from campfires.
    • Do not place heavy objects on tent.
    • Smoking or use of alcohol is prohibited in rental equipment.
    • Rinse wetsuit and/or surfboard with fresh water after each use.
    • Take care when removing wetsuit to avoid damaging fabric.
    • Hang-up wetsuit correctly by the neck or shoulders.
    • Dry wetsuit in the shade.

Rental Prices

  • Rental prices are based on the number of days rented.
  • The rental period begins the day the customer takes possession of the equipment and ends the day the equipment is returned.
  • Rental prices are categorized into “Cal Poly Student” and “Non-Student” rates.


  • No refunds will be granted after the equipment is taken out of the Poly Escapes Rental Center.
  • Qualifying refunds must be recorded via the Rental Refund Request form available at the Poly Escapes Rental Center and will be processed thereafter.

Customer Responsibility

  • The customer is responsible for inspecting equipment prior to it leaving the Poly Escapes Rental Center.
  • The customer is responsible for any loss, theft, or damage to equipment; subsequent cleaning, repair, and replacement fees will be charged accordingly.
  • All equipment must be returned free of excessive dirt or wear — otherwise, a cleaning fee will be charged. Lost components of rental gear will also result in individual replacement fees.


  • Fees may encompass necessary replacement parts, cleaning materials, staff time and administrative costs, shipping fees, supplies, and materials. These and additional fees are accessed by Rental Center staff.
  • Any late fees associated with a rental will be made known to the customer via email or phone call. It is ultimately the renter’s responsibility to return items on time. Some rental items may be subject to extended inspection times of up to one week.
    • LATE FEES:
      • Late items will accumulate a fee of twice the student rental price per day. Example: A surfboard is rented at $8.00 per day. For every day the surfboard is returned late, the renter would be charged $16.00. Late fees are capped at the cost of item replacement. A replacement fee will be charged at 21 days if the replacement fee has not already been reached.
      • If items are returned with excessive dirt, sand, stains, waste, bits of food, or excessive wear, the renter will be charged a cleaning fee of up to $50.00.
      • If an item is damaged while in the possession of a renter, the renter will be charged a damage/repair fee of up to $100.00.
    • If an item is lost, stolen, or damaged beyond repair and/or usability while in a renter’s possession, the renter will be charged a replacement fee based on the item’s current retail value. This replacement fee may also account for administrative costs, loss of income, and other expenses associated with replacement.
    • If any component of a paired rental is missing or damaged beyond usability, (i.e., one climbing shoe, one trekking pole, etc.) the customer will be responsible for paying a replacement fee for the entire pair.
    • Replacement items purchased by the customer will not be accepted.
    • Any rental that qualifies for a replacement fee must be returned to the Poly Escapes Rental Center and may not be retained by the customer.
    • Excessive dirt or debris, $50.00–$80.00.
    • Sand, up to $25.00.
    • Broken or damaged pole, up to $40.00.
    • Missing or damaged stakes, up to $25.00.
    • Damaged rainfly, $50.00–$80.00.
    • Damaged 2-person tent, $150.00–$200.00.
    • Damaged 4-person tent, $200.00–$250.00.
    • Sand, up to $15.00.
    • Tear, $10.00–$100.00.
    • Damaged rainfly, up to $150.00.
    • Sand, up to $15.00.
    • Lost or damaged fin or leash, up to $20.00.
    • Damaged rainfly, up to $220.00.

*Please note that cleaning, damage, and repair fees are based on the rental item, location, and severity of damage or excessive wear and dirt. If an item is too dirty or damaged to recover, a replacement fee will be charged. If a vital component of an item is damaged, a replacement fee for the entire item may be charged. For further inquiries regarding the specific fees associated with each item, please consult a staff member.



Rental Agreement

Before renting, each customer must acknowledge their understanding of the following information by signing a Rental Agreement at the Poly Escapes Rental Center:

  • I have familiarized myself with this facility’s hours of operation and have planned my rental and return accordingly.
  • I have familiarized myself with the late, damaged, dirt, and replacement fees associated with the items I am renting by viewing the posted fee chart or asking a staff member.
  • I have inspected the equipment and noted any areas of concern to a staff member.
  • I understand that in order to avoid a late, damaged, dirt, or replacement fee, items must be returned on time, free of excessive dirt or wear, and complete with all parts and components. I accept responsibility for the condition of the equipment upon rental and agree to pay necessary fees if applicable.
  • I understand that some items are subject to extended inspection timelines, and if a damaged, dirt, or replacement fee is applied, I may be notified by phone or email up to one week after my rental return date.


Failure to return equipment and pay late and/or damage fees may be reported to the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities. In addition, access to the Cal Poly Recreation Center and ASI programs and services may be suspended.