Craft Center Policies


The Craft Center is partially funded through student fees paid to the University Union. All studios are specifically intended for students to enjoy at their leisure. Faculty and staff are also eligible to use the facilities. Since students are partially subsidizing the facility with fees, all customer costs are structured so that students pay the lowest amount for services and classes.


Class Information

All Craft Center classes are intended to break even financially and be introductory. Most classes meet for 2 hours per week over a six-week period, beginning during the third week of each academic quarter.

Each class has a minimum and maximum limit of participants based on an established instructor-to-student ratio. All classes are taught by student instructors however non-student instructors have been hired based on specific skill set requirements.

More advanced classes are taught when student instructor talents make this possible. Class prices vary according to the cost of materials associated with the craft and the staff cost necessary to teach the course. Pre-registration is strongly recommended since many of the classes fill quickly.

Many Craft Center classes are derived from the ideas of student instructors. Skateboard deck building, flameworking, baseball bat making, jewelry, and surfboard shaping were all classes that students wanted to teach and we (ASI) felt were strong programming components. To their credit, student interests have always been in sync with the times, and craft classes have endured with a strong following.



  • All classes are intended to run on a break-even basis. To that end, the Craft Center may cancel a class with insufficient enrollment if the financial impact warrants it. You will be notified if a cancellation occurs and can opt to participate in an alternate course or be refunded your class fees.



  • If you are not able to take a class you have paid for, a full refund can be issued up to 72 hours prior to the beginning of the first day of any given class. No refunds are issued beyond this point. To request a refund, complete a Refund Request Form.

Studio Access

Each studio requires an understanding of some basic safety precautions. For this reason, we require that students take a class or participate in a walkthrough orientation prior to using any studio space. We require that participants register for a safety orientation through ASI Access. 


Ceramics Monthly Studio Pass

  • Passholders may access the Craft Center during open studio hours (this schedule is updated monthly based on the current class schedules) outside of instructional time. Visit the front desk for questions about tools, materials, or studios.
  • We require that students take a Craft Center Beginning Ceramics class or register for a safety orientation through ASI Access before using a studio pass.


In order to assure quality control, all clay must be purchased from the Craft Center. All clay left in the Craft Center at the end of the month will be recycled and turned into plug clay for use in Craft Center classes the following quarter.



Safety is ASI’s number one priority. Consequently, minors under the age of 18 are not allowed to use the studios (with the exception of a minor who is also a Cal Poly student). The presence of minors in an environment that includes hot pottery kilns, sharp tools, and loud noises is not an appropriate venue for children to exercise their curiosity. Parents may briefly tour children through the center but parents may not use studios while their children are in attendance.

Parents who do not honor this policy will be asked to leave the facility.


Liability Waiver

To reduce risk of injury, the Craft Center requires all patrons to attend an orientation session for the studio they plan to use. Waivers are required for all individuals who intend to use the studios.

Orientations are a feature of all craft classes and access to studios is contingent on the customer understanding how to navigate the studio safely. All Craft Center customers must accept full responsibility for their actions, including reimbursing others for damages to them or their property.