ASI Student Employee Expectations

Welcome to the ASI Team! ASI is a service oriented organization that heavily depends on its employees to exemplify exceptional customer service at all times. You have been chosen because you have what it takes. The following outlines ASI’s expectations of each employee and when you put these into action it moves us one step closer to becoming “every student’s connection to the ultimate college experience.”


ASI Employees are dedicated to:


Building relationships:

  • At ASI, employees build relationships and friendships with customers, coworkers, and colleagues.


Taking personal responsibility for the fulfillment of the ASI Vision Statement:

  • Use your best judgment- what does our vision statement mean to you and those you serve? Incorporate that idea into your customer service.


Sending customers away satisfied and excited to return:

  • Ask yourself, “How can I make their day?” Go the extra mile. Give someone a compliment, show your smile a little longer or say hello.


ASI Employees demonstrate:



  • ASI is a professional student organization- Demonstrate poise, maturity, positive attitude, and self-confidence when performing tasks and communicating with customers.
  • Be present at work. To do this, we put cell phones away. And we do not study or do homework while on shift.
  • Customers come first. Acknowledge people when they walk through the door or are standing in line, show them you care.
  • Arriving to work on time is late; come to work 3-5 minutes early in order to be prepared for your shift, in uniform and ready to go.
  • Maintain a safe work environment by following the Code of Safe Practices and other policies and procedures.



  • Accept suggestions for improving the quality of work and develop and implement appropriate personal plans of action to enhance your effectiveness.
  • Project and demonstrate respect, consideration, and professionalism toward customers
  • Interact in a positive way with other staff and the general public


Customer Orientation:

  • Choose your attitude. Choose the best one. Bring your best self to work, leave your worries behind.
  • Consider the customer and ask yourself: what is their perspective, what is their understanding, how would I like to be treated?
  • Apply your knowledge and skills to the individual circumstances of each customer.
  • Meet customer needs and provide superior service beyond customer expectations.