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Hobby Horse Competition with ASI Events!


It’s not just a hobby. In collaboration with ASI Intramural Sports, ASI Events brings the first ever Hobby Horse Competition to campus. Join us on Friday, Feb. 23 from 7–9 p.m. in the Cal Poly Recreation Center Main Gym (Building 43, Room 100) for some fun competition.  

There will be four leagues at the event: 

🐎 Independent relay  

🐎 Team relay (2-4 people)  

🐎 Independent performance  

🐎 Team performance (2-4 people) 


🐎Relay: speed and execution. Time penalties will be given if obstacles are hit and not correctly executed, or if participants fail to utilize proper form (galloping).  

🐎Performance: teams will be scored by a panel of judges on a scale of 1-10 in two different categories: technique and overall performance.  

  1. Technique- includes galloping, jumping, utilization of the hobby horse, and incorporation of dance moves in the performance.
  2. Overall performance- includes facial expressions, costume, unity/cohesion, and engagement levels with the audience. *Performers can choose their own song and will be able to connect to our sound system.


  • Tickets to Poly Royal  
  • An opportunity to perform on your Hobby Horse at Poly Royal  
  • Specialized Hobby Horse trophies  
  • Various gifts from the Cal Poly Mustang Shop  

*All participants will receive a take home custom Hobby Horse t-shirt and stickers 

Registration is required for the competition, but spectators are welcomed and encouraged! All attendees will receive free food from Efren’s.  

We hope to see you there! Remember to stay tuned and subscribe to the ASI Events newsletter and follow us on Instagram for all the fun happenings around campus!

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