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    ASI Student Government collaborates with campus and community groups in order to improve student life.

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    Students interested in shaping the ultimate college experience are encouraged to get involved.


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About Student Government

ASI Student Government is comprised of student leaders who seek to uphold ASI's vision of providing students with the ultimate college experience. Student leaders encourage shared governance, student advocacy, and collaboration with other campus and community entities.

Student Government hosts a variety of student activities, including guest speakers, community outreach events and open forums. Student leaders are elected in spring quarter.


Contact Owen to learn more about ASI Student Government, or to get involved!

ASI President
4th year, Agricultural Business

Owen formerly was a representative for the College of Agriculture, Food & Environmental Sciences, ASI Board of Directors. Owen has been involved with Cru, Line Dancing Club, Agribusiness Management Club and Zeta Beta Tau Fraternity. Owen hopes to help others find their anchor so they can have the best college experience.

Contact Vittorio to learn more about ASI Student Government, or to get involved!

4th year, Mechanical Engineering

Last year Vitto served on the ASI Board of Directors on behalf of the College of Engineering. He enjoys volunteering for CubeSat and Cal Poly Student Fee Initiative. He was involved in reestablishing the Society of Petroleum Engineers where he served as president. Vitto plans to pursue a Master's degree in economics.

Contact Sevelyn to learn more about ASI Student Government, or to get involved!

4th year, Liberal Arts

Sevelyn previously served on the ASI Executive Cabinet. In addition she has participated in the CLA College Club Council and was an officer in the Poly Child Development Club. Sevelyn plans to earn a PhD in Clinical Psychology with her ultimate goal to serve in the field of psychology.

Contact Andrew to learn more about ASI Student Government, or to get involved!

    3rd year, Policitcal Science

    Andrew was a member of the previous Executive Cabinet and served as the chair of the Executive Staff (Green Team). He was also a Soar and WOW leader and a member of Orientation Team. Andrew plans to enroll in a Master of Diplomacy program after graduation and pursue a career in the Foreign Service.

    Contact Jana to learn more about ASI Student Government, or to get involved!

    3rd year, Agricultural Science

    Jana previously served as representative for the College of Agriculture, Food, & Environmental Sciences. She is involved in activities with Agricultural Ambassadors, Western Bonanza Livestock Show and CAFES Open House. Jana plans to pursue a career in agricultural education as a high school agriculture teacher.

    Contact Ali to learn more about ASI Student Government, or to get involved!

    5th year, Liberal Arts

    Ali was President of the Undergraduate Law Assoc., a member of Gamma Phi Beta International Sorority, an orientation leader for New Student and Transitions Programs, and officer for the Political Science Club. Ali plans to pursue a career in corporate law, tax law, or mediation.

    3 Branches of Student Government

    Executive Cabinet

    The Executive Cabinet works with other Cal Poly students, staff and community members to carry out the ASI President's goals.

    Volunteers create ways for students to get involved in campus life and build community relationships.

    2015 - 16 Executive Cabinet

    Qualifications for Office

    Executive Cabinet members

    Name College Position
    Owen Schwaegerle Agriculture President
    Andrew Robinson Liberal Arts Chief of Staff
    Nick Paiva Agriculture Secretary of Mustang Pride
    Riley Nilsen Agriculture Secretary of Student Responsibilities
    Mason McCloskey Business Secretary of Campus Character
    Alice Read Business Secretary of Outreach
    Haley Stegall Business Secretary of Recruitment
    Lindsey Verderber Business Secretary of Student Safety
    Anthony Haddad Liberal Arts Secretary of Campus Development
    Matt Boer Liberal Arts Secretary of Community Relations

    Board of Directors

    The Board of Directors serves as the official voice of the students. These 25 student-elected representatives provide oversight in ASI corporate activity, in addition to advocating for students in a variety of other capacities in the campus community.

    2015 - 16 Board of Directors

    Name College Position
    Vittorio Monteverdi Engineering Chair
    Jana Colombini Agriculture Vice Chair
    Madison Albiani Agriculture Member
    Seth Borges Agriculture Member
    Eric Djanie Agriculture Member
    Thomas Sawyer Agriculture Member
    Derek Seaman Architecture Member
    Paul Ponciano Architecture Member
    Danielle Hepperle Engineering Member
    Nelson Lin Engineering Member
    Kevin Scott Engineering Member
    Sarah Zerga Engineering Member
    Kyle Boland Engineering Member
    Lexie Bonestroo Science & Math Member
    Jason Marks Science & Math Member
    Cody Shields Science & Math Member
    Pascal Purro Science & Math Member
    Annalee Akin Liberal Arts Member
    Sam Canino Liberal Arts Member
    Ryan Durante Liberal Arts Member
    Christopher D. Lopez Liberal Arts Member
    Mallory St. George Liberal Arts Member
    Kenton Assadi Business Member
    Daniela Czerny Business Member
    Justin Rajah Business Member
    Matt Sauer Business Member
    Dr. Gary Laver Faculty Repesentative
    Dr. Keith Humphrey University President's Representative
    Lorlie Leetham Cal Poly Corporation Representative
    Marcy Maloney ASI Executive Director
    Michelle Crawford Board Advisor
    Board Meetings

    Per ASI Board of Directors Standing Rules, Regular Board meetings convene every other Wednesday at 5:10p.m. in UU 220. On alternating Wednesdays the Board engages in working meetings as a tool to facilitate discussion and decision-making concerning important and complex issues and upcoming legislation; no formal action is taken at Board Workshop. The Board of Directors conducts their meetings under the guidelines of Robert’s Rules of Order and adheres to the requirements of the Gloria Romero Open Meeting Act, Education Code Section 89305 – 89307.4.


    Board meetings are open to the general public.

    BOD Calendar

    Board of Directors Meeting Schedule - 2015-16
    Wednesday, February 17, 2016
    Conference Room 220

    Board of Directors Meeting Schedule - 2015-16
    Wednesday, March 2, 2016
    Conference Room 220

    Board of Directors Meeting Schedule - 2015-16
    Wednesday, March 30, 2016
    Conference Room 220

    Board of Directors Meeting Schedule - 2015-16
    Wednesday, April 13, 2016
    Conference Room 220

    Board of Directors Meeting Schedule - 2015-16
    Wednesday, April 27, 2016
    Conference Room 220

    Board of Directors

    UU Advisory Board

    The University Union Advisory Board reviews financial matters and makes policy recommendations to the University President and the ASI Executive Director regarding the Cal Poly Rec Center, Julian A. McPhee University Union, and the Cal Poly Sports Complex.

    2015 - 16 UU Advisory Board
    Name College Position
    Sevelyn Van Ronk Liberal Arts Chair
    Ali Spina Liberal Arts Vice Chair
    Kyle Jordan Agriculture Member
    Natalie Montoya Architecture Member
    Kaelan Sobouti Engineering Member
    Michelle Wong Science & Math Member
    Anthony Haddad Liberal Arts President's Designee
    Annalee Akin Liberal Arts Board of Directors Designee
    Michael Hurdelbrink Business Member
    Dwayne Brummett ASI Exec. Director Designee
    *Vacant * Alumni Representative
    *Vacant * Faculty Representative
    Joel Neel University President's Rep.
    UUAB Calendar

    University Union Advisory Board Meeting (UUAB)
    Thursday, February 11, 2016
    Conference Room 216

    University Union Advisory Board Meeting (UUAB)
    Thursday, February 25, 2016
    Conference Room 216

    University Union Advisory Board Meeting (UUAB)
    Thursday, March 10, 2016
    Conference Room 216

    University Union Advisory Board Meeting (UUAB)
    Thursday, April 14, 2016
    Conference Room 216

    University Union Advisory Board Meeting (UUAB)
    Thursday, April 28, 2016
    Conference Room 216


    Get Involved

    ASI Student Government offers a variety of ways for Cal Poly students to get involved.

    Student Government welcomes volunteers year-round and encourages participation at all Student Government events.

    Other Opportunities

    Executive Staff

    The Executive Staff is made up of volunteer students who have the desire to get more involved in leadership and to learn more about all areas of ASI Student Government.

    Students who get involved determine the amount of time they wish to volunteer and will discover which branch fits them the best.

    Submit your info and areas of interest

    Campus Commitees

    Universitywide Committees

    Cal Poly students have the unique opportunity to be involved in the campus decision-making process.

    Throughout the academic year, students are appointed to committees and task forces that decide the direction of the University.

    Students interested in serving on a campus wide committee should contact the ASI Student Government Office.


    The Advisory Committee on Workplace Violence is responsible for implementing and coordinating the Workplace Violence Prevention Program.


    Advisory Committee on Workplace Violence

    Student Members:

    Michelle Wong 2015-2016


    The Athletics Governing Board serves as an advisory body to the President, who has ultimate responsibility and final authority for the conduct of the intercollegiate athletics program. The Board will function as an oversight committee for athletics establishing policy and setting direction for such issues as the addition or elimination of sports, academic standards, gender equality and financial integrity.


    Athletics Governing Board

    Student Members:

    Annalee Akin 2015-2016
    Mason McClosky 2015-2016
    Owen Schwaegerle 2015-2016
    Sevelyn Van Ronk 2015-2016


    The Brand Governance Committee develops standards and recommends policy for campus marketing and communication tools including, but not limited to, websites, mobile applications, social media, publications, merchandise, and campus signage.


    Brand Governance Committee

    Student Members:

    Joi Sullivan 2014-2015


    The Campus Dinning Advisory Committee is to assist in evaluating the effectiveness of Campus Dining operations and to make recommendations on policy and major procedures for Campus Dining operations.


    Campus Dining Advisory Committee

    Student Members:

    Madison Albiani 2015-2016
    Chris Lopez 2015-2016


    The Campus Fee Advisory Committee’s primary role is to provide advice to the president regarding proposals to adjust, eliminate or consolidate existing fees or establish new fees, all such advice to be consistent with existing statutes and provisions of bond indentures. Representative is the Academic Senate Chair or designee.


    Campus Fee Advisory Committee (CFAC)

    Student Members:

    Kenton Assadi 2015-2016
    Young Choi 2015-2016
    Jana Colombini 2015-2016
    Owen Schwaegerle 2015-2016


    The Campus Planning Committee's primary function is to assist the President in the coordination, development, and control of a long-range plan for the physical development of the campus, within a framework of policy established by the Trustees of The California State University.


    Campus Planning Committee

    Student Members:

    Vittorio Monteverdi 2015-2016


    The primary function of this committee is to provide advice on policy matters to render the campus a safer place.


    Campus Safety and Risk Management Committee

    Student Members:

    Lindsey Verdeber 2015-2016


    The Commencement Operations Committee is responsible for all operations and logistics related to the universitywide ceremonies, including marketing, communications, ticketing, facilities, publications, scripts, parking, and other campus-based logistics.




    Student Members:

    Seth Borges 2015-2016


    The Commencement Policy Committee recommends procedures related to Cal Poly’s commencement activities and accomplishes various functions for commencement, including line-up of candidates and faculty, processional, and college marshals.  The Commencement Policy Committee advises the President on policy related to commencement, including official academic regalia, ceremony structure, invited speakers, student fees, and guest accommodations.




    Student Members:

    Derek Seaman 2015-2016
    Mallory St. George 2015-2016


    An ad hoc council whose members are appointed by the University President and charged with exploring issues and making policy recommendations on university citizenship at Cal Poly.


    Committee on University Citizenship (CUCIT)

    Student Members:

    Joi Sullivan 2014-2015


    The mission of the committee is to discuss, monitor, and evaluate campus-specific issues relating to compliance" with California State University Executive Order 926 (http://www.calstate.edu/EO/EO-926.html) and can be expected to produce Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance-related reports to the Chancellor's Office as requested


    Disability Access and Compliance Committee

    Student Members:

    Ryan Durante 2015-2016


    The coordination of graduate programs, recommendation of campus guidelines towards admission to graduate programs, and awarding graduate degrees will be accomplished by this committee.

    Administrative direction and control of authorized master's degree programs will be through normal college and department line channels. Coordination of graduate programs among colleges and departments, and recommendation of campus guidelines for curricula and courses, for admission to graduate programs, and for awarding of graduate degrees will be accomplished by this committee.


    Graduate Studies Committee

    Student Members:

    Joi Sullivan 2015-2016


    The Inclusive Excellence Council is charged with moving initiatives forward to enhance the campus climate through embedding diversity and educational equity in all aspects of the university.)


    Inclusive Excellence Council

    Student Members:

    Ly Ho 2014-2015
    Yashar Moayedian 2014-2015


    The primary function of the Instructionally Related Activities Advisory Committee is to advise the President regarding the allocation of the Instructionally Related Activities Fee revenues. Representative is the Academic Senate Curriculum Committee Chair or designee.


    Instructionally Related Activities Advisory Committee

    Student Members:

    Danielle Hepperle 2015-2016
    Paul Joeseph Pnciano 2015-2016
    Pascal Purro 2015-2016
    Owen Schwaegerle 2015-2016


    Function This committee is mandated under the University's Intellectual Property Policy. The committee is appointed by the President and reports to the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs. The function of the Committee is to review and monitor University activities on matters relating to the administration of this policy, to review proposed changes to the policy, and to participate in the future development of the policy. The Committee also administers a review process for the allocation of the University's net proceeds from intellectual property. When necessary, the Committee reviews invention disclosures and other information to evaluate the University's contribution to the development of particular intellectual properties, In the event of disagreement among interested parties concerning interpretation or application of the Intellectual Property Policy, the Committee serves as the appellate body, advisory to the University President.President.


    Intellectual Property Review Committee

    Student Members:

    Ali Spina 2015-2016


    Charged with the ongoing assessment of the landscape of the campus and reporting to the Campus Planning Committee.

    The Landscape Advisory Committee is a subcommittee of the Campus Planning Committee. The committee is charged with the ongoing assessment of the landscape of the campus and in particular how the landscape treatment can serve an educational role while still recognizing such aspects as appearance, function, budget, maintenance, and safety. The committee will make recommendations for landscaping of new projects and replacement plantings. Recommendations may be concerning species to be planted but may also include landscape plans in concert with the Trustee-appointed professional. The committee is further charged to develop a master plan for campus landscaping formulated to ensure that in the years ahead the campus will continue to be of academic value and provide an aesthetic and functional environment. For operating effectiveness, the committee is advisory and reports to the Vice President of Administration and Finance.


    Landscape Advisory Committee

    Student Members:

    Young Choi 2015-2016


    Provide guidance to the Liberal Studies Program and personnel.

    The committee is appointed by the President reports to the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs. Functions: To discuss changes in subject matter preparation required by the state credentialing commission, or the chancellor's office. To monitor how students fare in their California Subject Examinations for Teachers (now required for entrance into credential programs) and discuss areas of strength and weakness. To identify and support perceived needs of the Liberal Studies Department, and to serve as outside committee members on departmental personnel reviews as needed.


    Liberal Studies Committee

    Student Members:

    Jessica Catson 2015-2016


    Evaluate present procedures, policies, and guidelines used in registration and scheduling of classes.

    The committee is appointed by the President and reports to the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs or designee. The committee elects its own chair. Functions: To evaluate present procedures, policies, and guidelines used in registration and scheduling of classes and to recommend changes in existing procedures. To evaluate and recommend new concepts in registration and scheduling.


    Registration & Scheduling Committee

    Student Members:

    Eric Djanie 2015-2016
    Kevin Scott 2015-2016


    Address issues that concern women on campus.

    The Status of Women Committee shall address issues that concern women students, faculty, and staff on campus, including but not limited to: employment and educational equity and campus safety and climate. It will assist in the review of the University's Sexual Assault, Discrimination and Harassment Policies and Programs. The committee chair will meet annually with the Academic Deans' Council and with the Student Affairs directors to discuss issues related to the campus climate for women. Deans and Student Affairs supervisors will be expected to disseminate this information to department chairs, faculty, and staff.


    Status of Women Committee

    Student Members:

    Mallory St. George 2015-2016


    To provide students with a reliable means for advocating and identifying their needs with respect to information technology.

    The Student Campus Computing Committee (SC3) was established to provide students with a reliable means for advocating and identifying their needs and requirements with respect to the efficient use of information technology, both academically and in student life. SC3 is responsible for providing input from student users of information technologies to the Information Resources Management Policy and Planning Committee (IRMPPC) and to the Vice Provost/Chief Information Officer (VP/CIO) for Information Technology Services (ITS) and for communicating information about information technologies to their constituents. Recommendations will be studied by the VP/CIO who will determine the impact, benefits, costs and other factors involved in implementing the recommendation and forward that analysis to the IRMPPC for appropriate action.


    Student Campus Computing Committee (SC3)

    Student Members:

    Myra Lukins 2015-2016


    Student Orientation Advising & Resources Committee is responsible for, but not limited to: Coordinating and implementing the Summer Advising Program Managing the budget for the Summer Advising Program Acting as an advisory group on issues related to advising across campus


    Student Members:


    This committee is responsible for creating a recommendation to the President regarding Student Success Fee allocations. Allocations will be decided by the committee based on what they prioritize as most important for student success. The committee is made up of 11 members, 7 of which are students. Committee members include the ASI President (co-chair) and one member from the ASI Board of Directors from each academic college. For more information, visit the official committee website: http://afd.calpoly.edu/fees/ssf-index.asp


    Student Success Fee Allocation Advisory Committee (SSFAAC)

    Student Members:

    Annalee Akin (CLA) 2015-2016
    Kenton Assadi 2015-2016
    Jana Colombini 2015-2016
    Danielle Hepperle 2015-2016
    Owen Schwaegerle 2015-2016
    Derek Seaman 2015-2016


    An advisory committee to the President on campus substance use and abuse issues.

    Established in response to the CSU Action Plan for Substance Abuse (AAES 90-93; January, 1990), the Substance Use and Abuse Advisory Committee (SUAAC) is advisory to the President on campus substance use and abuse issues. The committee shall plan and coordinate a comprehensive educational program; develop and review administrative procedures related to alcohol and drug use and abuse; coordinate campus efforts to reduce substance use and abuse and its effects; monitor and ensure compliance with campus, system, state, and federal policies; and facilitate collaborative community partnerships.


    Substance Use and Abuse Advisory Committee

    Student Members:

    Jason Marks 2015-2016


    The primary function of the Sustainability Advisory Committee is to review and recommend measures related to University sustainability policies and practices dealing with natural resource utilization, land use, and physical projects. The committee is advisory and reports to the vice president of Administration & Finance. The committee is to consider issues related to environmentally responsible planning, design, and construction, as articulated in the Campus Master Plan. In addition, it will provide advice on the continuing efforts to construct environmentally sustainable projects. In its advisory capacity, the committee needs to consider the goals of sustainable development, which are balancing environmental protection, programmatic needs, and financial viability.


    Sustainability Advisory Committee

    Student Members:

    Kyle Boland 2015-2016
    Haley Stegall 2015-2016


    To oversee the operations, functions, and membership of all campuswide standing committees which are appointed by the University President or a designee, and to recommend any needed changes therein. To review and recommend on the establishment of additional campuswide standing committees, or on the deletion or combination of existing campuswide standing committees. Upon request of the University President, to formulate recommendations on the establishment, functions, and membership of ad hoc campuswide special committees. The University Committee on Committees is advisory to the President.


    University Committee on Committees

    Student Members:

    Joi Sullivan-ASI President 2014-2015

    Academic Senate Committees

    The Academic Senate is the faculty governing body of the University, representing approximately 1,000 faculty members.

    The Academic Senate is constituted to formulate and evaluate policy and procedures on academic, fiscal and personnel matters.

    The work of the Senate is accomplished through its several committees (comprised of approximately 150 faculty, members of administration, and students).


    Joint decision-making and consultation between the administration and the General Faculty have been recognized by the legislature of the State of California as the long-accepted manner of governing institutions of higher learning and are essential to the educational missions of such institutions. In order to participate fully in the process of joint decision-making and consultation with the administration, the Academic Senate is empowered to exercise all legislative and advisory powers on behalf of the General Faculty. These legislative powers shall include all educational matters that affect the General Faculty (e.g., curricula, academic personnel policies, and academic standards). Advisory powers shall include, but not be limited to, budget policy, administrative appointments, determination of campus administrative policy, University organization, and facilities use and planning.


    Academic Senate Committee

    Student Members:

    Vittorio Monteverdi 2015-2016
    Owen Schwaegerle 2015-2016


    The Budget and Long Range Planning Committee shall provide oversight and make recommendations concerning policy for the allocation of budgeted resources. This includes the review of matters related to the allocation of budgeted resources and representation on bodies formed to review the mechanisms by which campuswide resource allocations are made.  In addition, the Budget and Long Range Planning Committee shall also develop recommendations concerning future actions, policies, and goals of the university.


    Budget and Long Range Planning Committee

    Student Members:

    Jonathan Lampkin 2015-2016


    The Curriculum Committee evaluates curriculum proposals from departments and colleges before making recommendations to the Academic Senate. In addition, the committee makes recommendations to the Senate on University requirement for graduation, general education, learning objectives, and cultural pluralism; provides library oversight as it relates to curriculum; and addresses any other curriculum-related matter referred to it by the Senate, Senate Chair, or Executive Committee. The chair of the Curriculum Committee shall be responsible for coordination of curriculum review with Academic Programs.


    Curriculum Committee

    Student Members:

    Riley Nilsen 2015-2016


    The Distinguished Scholarship Awards Committee shall conduct the selection process in accordance with the special rules and procedures approved by the Executive Committee for judging potential candidates for the Distinguished Scholarship Award.


    Distinguished Scholarship Awards Committee

    Student Members:

    Emma Delarosa 2015-2016
    Sarah Zerga 2015-2016


    The Faculty Awards Committee shall conduct the selection process and determine the policies and procedures to be used for judging potential candidates for the Distinguished Teaching Award. Nominations for the award will be received by the committee during the fall quarter, and final selection will be made no later than the sixth week of the spring quarter.


    Distinguished Teaching Awards Committee

    Student Members:

    daniela Czerny 2015-2016
    Sevelyn Van Ronk 2014-2015


    The Faculty Affairs Committee shall be the advisory body of the Academic Senate on faculty policy and its administration and procedures. The scope of faculty procedures and policies coming within its purview includes standards and criteria concerning appointment, promotion, tenure, academic freedom, leave of absence, retention, professional relations and ethics, promotion, research, grievance, layoff procedures, and lecturers' rights and responsibilities.


    Faculty Affairs Committee

    Student Members:

    Lexie Bonestroo 2015-2016


    The procedures to be followed and the problems to be considered shall be approved by the Academic Senate and published as a document entitled, Fairness Board Description and Procedures. Changes in the document shall be made by the Senate upon recommendation of the Fairness Board. The Board shall report to the Academic Senate.


    Fairness Board

    Student Members:

    Justin Rajah 2015-2016
    Thomas Sawyer 2015-2016



    Cal Poly's general education (GE) program is the administrative responsibility of the General Education Governance Board (GEGB), GEGB should function like a department with a deep sense of interest and responsibility for overseeing and implementing the GE program.



    The General Education Governance Board (GEGB) is responsible for leading and developing a visionary, high quality GE program that enriches the specialized knowledge acquired in a major program with foundational and integrative understanding of its scientific, humanistic, artistic, and technological contexts.


    General Education Governance Board

    Student Members:

    Kaelan Sobouti 2015-2016


    (1) In coordination with the Research and Professional Development Committee, the Grants Review Committee shall develop and recommend policies and procedures for the review of grant proposals referred to it, including the State Faculty Support Grants (SFSG).

    (2) Receive and evaluate requests for State Faculty Support Grants and make recommendations for funding, when appropriate, to the Dean for Research and Graduate Programs.

    (3) Make recommendations concerning the funding of other internal grants when appropriate.

    (4) Evaluate requests for special leaves for research or creative activity and, when appropriate, rank order them for consideration and transmit this ranking through the Academic Senate Chair to the President.


    Grants Review Committee

    Student Members:

    Sarah Neumann 2015-2016


    The Instruction Committee shall be responsible for recommendations regarding subjects that impinge directly on the quality of teaching and for providing policy recommendations concerning grading as well as admissions policies and requirements. It will also provide review and input concerning electronic teaching techniques, and library oversight as it relates to instruction.

    In accordance with CAM 481 and AS-357-97/IC, the Instruction Committee shall review the Academic Calendar as proposed by the Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs before its final submission to the President for approval.


    Instruction Committee

    Student Members:

    Michael Hurdelbrink 2015-2016


    The Research and Professional Development Committee shall provide oversight for research and professional development activities on campus. Make recommendations concerning all policies and procedures for research and professional development activities on campus. Conduct a regular review of research centers and institutes on campus. Provide library oversight as it relates to research and professional development. Review and make recommendations on disputed university professional leaves. Provide oversight to the Grants Review Committee.


    Research and Professional Development Committee

    Student Members:

    Mallika Potter 2014-2015


    The Sustainability Committee shall inform and support the activities of other committees whose scope encompasses environmental responsibility. The Sustainability Committee shall make recommendations to the Academic Senate, as appropriate, regarding the provisions of the Talloires Declaration.


    Sustainability Committee

    Student Members:

    Lexie Bonestroo 2014-2015
    Lauren Cool 2014-2015

    ASI Standing Committees

    ASI Standing Committees are subcommittees of the Board of Directors that review advocacy, outreach and corporate matters on behalf of the Board of Directors.

    ASI Standing Committees shall have no authority to take action on any matter, unless otherwise specified upon creation of the committee, but may make recommendations for action to the Board of Directors.


    The Advocacy Committee will address student concerns that cover campus, city, county, state-wide and national issues. This committee is responsible for institutionalizing and coordinating advocacy for the three branches of ASI Student Government and for effectively working on issues for the betterment of Cal Poly students. This committee will communicate lobbying efforts, research legislation, and will report all issues to the Board of Directors. This committee will work to establish long-term relationships between ASI and city, county, and state representatives.


    Student Members:

    Annalee Akin UUAB
    Matt Boer Executive Cabinet
    Sam Canino Board of Directors
    Daniela Czerny Board of Directors
    Kyle Jordan UUAB
    Nelson Lin Board of Directors
    Chris Lopez- Chair Board of Directors
    Riley Nilsen Executive Cabinet
    Justin Rajah Board of Directors - Liaison to OCC


    The ASI Business and Finance Committee will be responsible for issues relating to all corporate finance and personnel matters. The specific operations of this committee in regards to personnel matters shall be carried out in accordance with the ASI Personnel Policy Manual. This committee will review the ASI Budget, recommend personnel and human resources changes to the Board of Directors, and provide fiscal insight to the Club Funding Liaisons regarding ASI Club Funding.


    Student Members:

    Young Choi UUAB
    Jana Colombini - Chair Board of Directors
    Ryan Durante Board of Directors
    Jonathan Lampkin Chief of Staff
    Jason Marks Board of Directors
    Vittorio Monteverdi Chair of the Board
    Owen Schwaegerle ASI President
    Kevin Scott Board of Directors
    Cody Shields Board of Directors
    Ali Spina Vice Chair of UUAB
    Sevelyn Van Ronk Chair of UUAB


    The two ASI Club Funding Liaisons shall be members of the Board of Directors as appointed by the Chair of the Board. The Liaisons will be direct links between ASI staff and the Board of Directors regarding all matters dealing with ASI Club Funding. The Liaisons will approve ASI Club Sponsorship, ASI Club Event Co-Sponsorship and College Club Council Funding Applications concurrently with staff. At each duly held Board of Directors meeting the Liaisons will give a report to the Board of Directors on approved applications. The Liaisons will give detailed quarterly reports on ASI Club Funding allocations and are responsible for presenting any 13 application appeals to the Board of Directors. One Liaison will serve as a voting member on the ASI Business and Finance Committee and one Liaison will serve as a voting member on the ASI/UU Internal Review Committee.


    Student Members:

    Kyle Boland Board of Directors
    Ryan Durante Board of Directors


    This committee will serve to enhance ASI’s public relations and outreach efforts to the
    student body. This committee is responsible for increasing awareness and connection
    to the student body by leveraging all available and appropriate media.


    Student Members:

    Anthony Haddad UUAB
    Danielle Hepperle Board of Directors
    Mike Hurdelbrink UUAB
    Mason McCloskey Executive Cabinet
    Justin Rajah Board of Directors - Liaison to Advocacy
    Thomas Sawyer Board of Directors
    Mallory St. George - Chair Board of Directors
    Lindsey Verderber Executive Cabinet
    Sarah Zerga Board of Directors


    This committee is responsible for the effective recruitment of candidates to serve in every branch of ASI Student Government in addition to ASI Leadership Team positions. This committee develops and recommends regulations pertaining to elections for approval by the Board of Directors, supervises the conduct of all ASI Elections, and reports the results of ASI Elections to the Board of Directors. The specific operations of this committee in regards to elections shall be carried out in accordance with the ASI Election Code. Additionally, this committee will consult with the ASI Leadership Team and ASI staff regarding the coordination of all training programs and any professional development activities that occur internally in ASI Student Government.


    Student Members:

    Madison Albiani Board of Directors
    Seth Borges- Chair Board of Directors
    Kyle Jordan UUAB
    Paul Ponciano Board of Directors
    Pascal Purro Board of Directors
    Alice Read Executive Cabinet
    Derek Seaman Board of Directors
    Kaelan Sobouti UUAB
    Haley Stegall Executive Cabinet


    The ASI/UU Internal Review Committee is responsible for reviewing and making
    recommendations to the Board of Directors on the following: ASI Club Funding Policies,
    independent auditor’s service proposals and selection of audit firm, ASI Audit,
    corporate Risk Management and Insurance Plans, ASI Bylaws and policy additions and/
    or modifications.


    Student Members:

    Kenton Assadi Board of Directors
    Kyle Boland Club Funding Liaison
    Lexie Bonestroo Co-Chair Board of Directors
    Michelle Wong Co-Chair UUAB
    Eric Djanie Board of Directors
    Mike Hurdelbrink UUAB
    Matt Sauer Board of Directors

    Other Committees

    In the light of shared governance, students serve on various other campuswide committees.


    The Parent Program Advisory Council is a group of 24 parents, two students and a member of the Cal Poly faculty member who provide programming direction to Parent Program staff and advise the University's adminsitration on matters involving student development and success.

    Parent Advisory Council members are Univeristy ambassadors, sharing their experiences and perspectives with others and fostering communication between and among parents and the University. Parent members serve a three-year term. Students and members of the faculty serve one-year terms.

    Meetings are held three times annually on the Cal Poly campus and are open to all Cal Poly parents and supporters. Parents interested in membership are invited to observe a meeting. The application processes consists of a brief questionnaire and a telephone interview with the Vice President for Student Affairs, the Parent Advisory Council Chair or Vice Chair, and Parent Program staff.

    To assist us in planning for your attendance at an upcoming meeting, please request an invitation from Parent Program staff.



    Parent Program

    Student Members:




    The Executive Council shall be responsible for, but not limited to:

           Advise the Assistant Vice Provost on appropriate models and planning strategically to improve student-centered academic advising at Cal Poly.

           Increase overall graduation rates while reducing graduation rate gaps among populations and colleges.

           Assess academic advising as a program of the University.

           Approve advising initiatives as they align with the mission, student learning outcomes and strategic plan for academic advising and for Cal Poly.

           Review and approve the communication processes for University Advising.

           Consider large scale, fundamental advising issues.

           Review academic policies that impact advising. Approve advising policies that affect all undergraduate students at Cal Poly.  Refer items to the next level of approval as appropriate.

           Communicate with Deans Council, Academic Senate, and other governing bodies as identified.

           Review the Assistant Vice Provost’s End of Year Report to the Provost and President.


    The Executive Council is appointed by the President and reports to the Provost.The council will be chaired by the Assistant Vice Provost for University Advising.

    The term of office shall be two years.There is no limit to the number of terms a member may serve.



    Meetings will be scheduled monthly.


    Student Members:




    The Student Library Advisory Council is an organized body to represent the students’ needs, concerns, and ideas regarding the Robert E. Kennedy Library.


    Student Library Advisory Council

    Student Members:

    Ryan Bitter (Secretary)
    Andrew Bui
    Aislyn Cole
    Mariana Diaz
    Rachael Donahue
    Aja Frost
    Alejandra Garcia
    Alex Kost
    Marcus Pereira
    Juan Pablo Quinonez
    Mike Shaw (Vice-Chair)
    Kayla Slocum
    Lauren Tang
    Emily Wang
    Lauren Young (Chair)


    Soar is a summer orientation program for all incoming students, parents and supporters. We have freshman sessions, a transfer session, an out-of-state session, and an international session! During Soar, you will receive the resources to prepare yourself to become a new member of the Mustang family an a successful Cal Poly student. You can look forward to being introduced to numerous campus and community resources, receiving helpful academic tips to ease your transition to your new campus, and familiarizing yourself with the Cal Poly and San Luis Obipso community.


    Student Orientation Advising and Resources Committee (SOAR)

    Student Members:

    Emily Mallet

    Would you like to become a volunteer?

    Student Government Documents


    All formal items of business (those not arising of an incidental nature or otherwise stated in the ASI Bylaws) shall be introduced as a Bill or Resolution. A Bill, if passed, shall become official policy of the Corporation.

    Bill #15-09 ASI Bylaws Amendment – Endorsement from the ASI Board of Directors (PDF) 2015-05-27
    Bill #15-07 ASI Bylaws Amendment: Defining the Composition of the ASI Board of Directors (PDF) 2015-05-27
    Bill #15-08 ASI Bylaws Amendment – Number of Board Members on the Outreach and Communications Committee (PDF) 2015-05-27
    Bill #15-05 ASI Bylaws Amendment – Seeking Multiple Elected ASI Positions (PDF) 2015-04-01
    Bill #15-06 ASI Bylaws Amendment - Appointment of Ad Hoc Committee Members (PDF) 2015-04-01
    Bill #15-04 ASI Bylaws Amendment - Chair of the University Union Advisory Board (UUAB) On Campus Requirement Date (PDF) 2015-02-18
    Bill #15-03 ASI Bylaws Amendment - ASI Election Code (PDF) 2015-01-07
    Bill #15-01 ASI Bylaws Amendment - ASI Emergency Code (PDF) 2014-11-12
    Bill #15-02 ASI Election Code and ASI Election Timeline (PDF) 2014-11-12
    Bill #14-03 ASI Bylaws Amendment–ASI Executive Cabinet Membership Titles and Chief of Staff Selection Committee (PDF) 2014-05-14
    Bill #14-02 ASI Bylaws Amendment: Remove section of the ASI Bylaws (PDF) 2013-10-30
    Bill #14-01 #14-01 Amendment to Bylaws Internal Review Opertaing Rules (PDF) 2013-10-02
    Bill #13-04 ASI Bylaws Amendment - ASI General Updates to the ASI Bylaws (PDF) 2013-05-29
    Bill #13-03 ASI Bylaws Amendment Section 9.2 - Executive Director (PDF) 2012-11-28
    Bill #13-02 ASI Bylaws Amendment -Conduct of Business (PDF) 2012-11-14
    Bill #13-01 ASI Bylaws Amendment - Membership Guidelines for the ASI Recruitment and Development Committee (PDF) 2012-11-14


    All formal items of business (those not arising of an incidental nature or otherwise stated in the ASI Bylaws) shall be introduced as a Bill or Resolution. A Resolution, if passed, is a formal expression of opinion, will, or intent of the Board of Directors, and is advisory in nature.

    Resolution #15-06 ASI Board of Directors’ Support Of All-Gender Restrooms Across Campus (PDF) 2015-05-27
    Resolution #15-04 ASI Board of Directors' Support of Open Course Evaluations (PDF) 2015-05-13
    Resolution #15-05 ASI Board of Directors Support of Block Scheduling for Freshmen (PDF) 2015-05-13
    Resolution #15-03 ASI Board Of Directors' Stance Against Mandatory Second Year Housing and the Argument Presented by the University (PDF) 2015-04-29
    Resolution #15-02 ASI Board of Directors Support Of Campus Individuality Regarding Student Success Fees (PDF) 2014-10-29
    Resolution #15-01 Resolution Fixing the Employer’s Contribution Under the (PDF) 2014-08-04
    Resolution #14-04 ASI Board of Directors Support to Create an ASI Alumni Affinity Group within the Cal Poly Alumni Association (PDF) 2014-05-14
    Resolution #14-05 ASI Board of Directors’ Stance on Campus Credit Card Parking Meters – Postponed Indefinitely (PDF) 2014-05-14
    Resolution #14-03 ASI Board of Directors' Stance on the Statewide Student Association Voluntary Systemwide Fee (PDF) 2014-02-26
    Resolution #14-02 Board of Directors' Support to Remain on Quarter System (PDF) 2013-12-04
    Resolution #14-01 Resolution fixing the employer’s contribution under the public employees’ medical and hospital care act (PDF) 2013-08-02
    Resolution #13-05 Stance on the Collegiate Housing and Infrastructure Act (PDF) 2013-05-01
    Resolution #13-04 ASI Board of Director’s Support of Student Collaboration (PDF) 2013-04-17
    Resolution #13-03 - BOD Stance Quarters to Semesters (PDF) 2013-02-19
    Resolution #13-02 Articles of Incorporation (PDF) 2012-11-28
    Resolution #13-01 PERS Contribution (PDF) 2012-08-06
    Resolution #12-04 Reaffirming CSSA's Commitment to Principles (PDF) 2012-08-03

    Board Agendas

    The Board of Directors posts an agenda containing a brief general description of each item of business to be transacted or discussed at the meeting, including items to be discussed in closed session. The agenda specifies the date, time and location of the regular meeting and is posted in a location that is freely accessible to members of the public.

    BOD Agenda Meeting #15-16 (PDF) 2015-05-27
    BOD Agenda Meeting #15-15 (PDF) 2015-05-13
    BOD Agenda Meeting #15-14 (PDF) 2015-04-29
    BOD Agenda Meeting #15-13 (PDF) 2015-04-15
    BOD Agenda Meeting #15-12 (PDF) 2015-04-02
    BOD Agenda Meeting #15-11 (PDF) 2015-03-04
    BOD Agenda Meeting #15-10 (PDF) 2015-02-18
    BOD Agenda Meeting #15-09 (PDF) 2015-02-04
    BOD Agenda Meeting #15-08 (PDF) 2015-01-21
    BOD Agenda Meeting #15-07 (PDF) 2015-01-07
    BOD Agenda Meeting #15-06 (PDF) 2014-11-12
    BOD Agenda Meeting #15-05 (PDF) 2014-10-29
    BOD Agenda Meeting #15-04 (PDF) 2014-10-15
    BOD Agenda Meeting #15-03 (PDF) 2014-10-01
    BOD Agenda Meeting #15-02 (PDF) 2014-09-16
    BOD Agenda Meeting #15-01 (PDF) 2014-08-04
    BOD Agenda Meeting #14-16 (PDF) 2014-05-28
    BOD Agenda Meeting #14-15 (PDF) 2014-05-14
    BOD Agenda Meeting #14-14 (PDF) 2014-04-30
    BOD Agenda Meeting #14-13 (PDF) 2014-04-16
    BOD Agenda Meeting #14-12 (PDF) 2014-04-02
    BOD Agenda Meeting #14-11 (PDF) 2014-02-26
    BOD Agenda Meeting #14-10 (PDF) 2014-02-12
    BOD Agenda Meeting #14-09 (PDF) 2014-01-29
    BOD Agenda Meeting #14-08 (PDF) 2014-01-15
    BOD Special Meeting Agenda #14-07 (PDF) 2013-12-04
    BOD Agenda Meeting #14-06 (PDF) 2013-11-13
    BOD Agenda Meeting #14-05 (PDF) 2013-10-30
    BOD Agenda Meeting #14-04 (PDF) 2013-10-16
    BOD Agenda Meeting #14-03 (PDF) 2013-10-02
    BOD Agenda Meeting #14-02 (PDF) 2013-09-16
    BOD Agenda Meeting #14-01 (PDF) 2013-08-02
    BOD Agenda Meeting #13-17 (PDF) 2013-05-29
    BOD Agenda Meeting #13-16 (PDF) 2013-05-15
    BOD Agenda Meeting #13-15 (PDF) 2013-05-01
    BOD Agenda Meeting #13-14 (PDF) 2013-04-13
    BOD Agenda Meeting #13-13 (PDF) 2013-04-03
    BOD Agenda Meeting #13-12 (PDF) 2013-03-13
    BOD Agenda Meeting #13-11 (PDF) 2013-02-22
    BOD Agenda Meeting #13-10 (PDF) 2013-02-08
    BOD Agenda Meeting #13-09 (PDF) 2013-01-30
    BOD Agenda Meeting #13-08 (PDF) 2013-01-16
    BOD Agenda Meeting #13-07 (PDF) 2012-11-28
    BOD Agenda Meeting #13-06 (PDF) 2012-11-14
    BOD Agenda Meeting #13-05 (PDF) 2012-10-31
    BOD Agenda Meeting #13-04 (PDF) 2012-10-17
    BOD Agenda Meeting #13-03 (PDF) 2012-10-02
    BOD Agenda Meeting #13-02 (PDF) 2012-09-28
    BOD Agenda Meeting #13-01 (PDF) 2012-08-03

    Board Minutes

    ASI maintains written meeting minutes for the Board of Directors that details the proceedings of the meeting.

    BOD #15-15 May 13, 2015 (PDF) 2015-05-27
    BOD #15-16 May 27, 2015 (PDF) 2015-05-27
    BOD #15-14 April 29, 2015 (PDF) 2015-04-29
    BOD #15-13 April 15, 2015 (PDF) 2015-04-15
    BOD #15-12 April 1, 2015 (PDF) 2015-04-01
    BOD #15-11 March 4, 2015 (PDF) 2015-03-04
    BOD #15-10 February 18, 2015 (PDF) 2015-02-18
    BOD #15-09 February 4, 2015 (PDF) 2015-02-04
    BOD #15-08 January 21, 2015 (PDF) 2015-01-21
    BOD #15-07 January 7, 2015 (PDF) 2015-01-07
    BOD #15-06 November 12, 2014 (PDF) 2014-11-12
    BOD #15-05 October 29, 2014 (PDF) 2014-10-29
    BOD #15-04 October 15, 2014 (PDF) 2014-10-15
    BOD #15-03 October 1, 2014 (PDF) 2014-10-01
    BOD #15-02 September 16, 2014 (PDF) 2014-09-16
    BOD #15-01 August 4, 2014 (PDF) 2014-08-04
    BOD #14-16 May 28, 2014 (PDF) 2014-05-28
    BOD #14-15 May 14, 2014 (PDF) 2014-05-14
    BOD #14-14 April 30, 2014 (PDF) 2014-04-30
    BOD #14-13 April 16, 2014 (PDF) 2014-04-16
    BOD #14-12 April 2, 2014 (PDF) 2014-04-02
    BOD #14-11 March 26, 2014 (PDF) 2014-03-26
    BOD #14-10 February 12, 2014 (PDF) 2014-02-12
    BOD #14-09 January 29, 2014 (PDF) 2014-01-29
    BOD #14-08 January 15, 2014 (PDF) 2014-01-15
    BOD #14-07 December 4, 2013 (PDF) 2013-12-04
    BOD #14-06 November 13, 2013 (PDF) 2013-11-13
    BOD #14-05 October 30, 2013 (PDF) 2013-10-30
    BOD #14-04 October 16, 2013 (PDF) 2013-10-16
    BOD #14-03 October 2, 2013 (PDF) 2013-10-02
    BOD #14-02 September 16, 2013 (PDF) 2013-09-16
    BOD #14-01 Augst 2, 2013 (PDF) 2013-08-02
    BOD #13-17 May 29, 2013 (PDF) 2013-05-29
    BOD #13-16 May 15, 2013 (PDF) 2013-05-15
    BOD #13-15 May 1, 2013 (PDF) 2013-05-01
    BOD #13-14 April 17, 2012 (PDF) 2013-04-17
    BOD #13-13 Minutes April 3, 2013 (PDF) 2013-04-03
    BOD #13-12 March 13, 2013 (PDF) 2013-03-13
    BOD #13-11 February 27, 2013 (PDF) 2013-02-27
    BOD #13-10 February 13, 2013 (PDF) 2013-02-13
    BOD #13-09 January 30, 2013 (PDF) 2013-01-30
    BOD #13-08 January 16, 2013 (PDF) 2013-01-16
    BOD #13-07 November 28, 2012 (PDF) 2012-11-28
    BOD #13-06 November 14, 2012 (PDF) 2012-11-14
    BOD #13-05 October 31, 2012 (PDF) 2012-10-31
    BOD #13-04 October 17, 2012 (PDF) 2012-10-17
    BOD #13-03 October 3, 2012 (PDF) 2012-10-03
    BOD #13-01 July 27, 2012 (PDF) 2012-10-02
    BOD #13-02 September 17, 2012 (PDF) 2012-09-17
    BOD #12-17 May 30,2012 (PDF) 2012-08-03

    University Union Advisory Board Agendas

    ASI maintains written meeting agendas for the UUAB that outlines the agenda for an upcoming meeting.

    University Union Advisory Board Minutes

    ASI maintains written meeting minutes for the UUAB that details the proceedings of the meeting.

    Student Community Liaison Committee

    The Student Community Liaison Committee, serves as a mechanism of communication among Cal Poly, Cuesta College, City and County of San Luis Obispo, and community organizations. The mission of SCLC is to proactively engage in discussions to promote positive relations, mutual respect, and improved quality of life for all citizens of San Luis Obispo. ASI maintains written meeting minutes for the SCLC that details the proceedings of the meeting.

    For archives greater than two years old, please contact ASI Student Government

    ASI Alumni

    The ASI Experience does not end at the time of graduation. The impact that ASI has on each student leader extends well into their post-collegiate lives. Whether by teaching invaluable leadership skills, exposing students to the fundamentals of running a business, or proving that progress can be made through a collective group of differing opinions. As an ASI Alumni, you can be a part of the continued success of ASI for future students. Welcome to the next stage as ASI Alumni.

    ASI Alumni: promoting shared experiences, lasting relationships, and continuous development.

    Leadership Fund

    Make A Gift

    Gifts may be made online to the ASI Leadership Endowment Fund

    Gifts may also be made by mail.
    Please complete one of the following forms and enclose your check payable to: "Cal Poly".

    Mail gifts to: Cal Poly Fund, Cal Poly State University, 1 Grand Avenue, San Luis Obispo, CA 93407-0446


    For all questions regarding contributions to the ASI Leadership Fund, how to re-connect with ASI Student Government or to learn about upcoming events, please contact:

    Michelle Crawford
    Phone: (805) 756-2324
    Email Michelle Crawford