Student Community Liaison Committee

The mission of SCLC is to proactively engage in discussions to promote positive relations, mutual respect, and improved quality of life for all citizens of San Luis Obispo.

The Student Community Liaison Committee, serves as a mechanism of communication among Cal Poly, Cuesta College, City and County of San Luis Obispo, and community organizations.

2019 - 20 SCLC


Voting Members

Name Position Contact
Mark Borges Cal Poly - ASI President, Chair (805) 756-1291
Lindsay Bachman Cuesta - ASCC President - Vice Chair (805) 546-3100 x 2268
TBD Cal Poly - Student-at-Large (805) 756-1291
Carolyn Smith SLO - Residents for Quality Neighborhoods (RQN) (805) 544-7379
Mark Sanchez Cuesta - Vice President, Student Services (805) 546-3100
Anthony Gutierrez Cuesta - ASCC Advisor (805) 546-3289
Marcy Maloney Cal Poly - ASI Executive Director (805) 756-1281
Derek Johnson SLO - City Manager (805) 781-7114
Deanna Cantrell SLO - Chief of Police (805) 787-0176
Samantha Watkins SLO - Creative Mediation (805) 549-0442
Kathleen McMahon Cal Poly - Dean of Students (805) 756-0327
Debbie Arnold SLO - Board of Supervisors
Heidi Harmon SLO - Mayor (805) 781-5450
Lily Morgans Panhellenic President
TBD Cuesta - Student-at-Large
Juventino Ortiz Community Member-at-Large
Harry Busselen Geographic Neighborhoods Assoc.
Jack Kooley IFC President
Christine Wallace Neighborhood Outreach Manager

Non-Voting Members

Name Position Contact
Andy Pease City Council Member (805) 781-7114
Carlyn Christianson City Council Member (805) 781-7114
Andrene Kaiwi-Lenting Director New Student & Transition Programs (805) 756-2014
Aaron Gomez City Council Member (805) 781-7170
Erica Stewart City Council Member (805) 781-7417
George Hughes University Chief of Police (805) 756-6650
Joy Pedersen Assistant Dean of Students
Jenn Rhoads County Drug & Alcohol Services, SLO
Shawnna R. Smith Coordinator of Fraternity & Sorority

A Statement of Our Hopes for the Community

In order to continually improve the relationship between all segments of the community, the Student-Community Liaison Committee strives to promote these principles:

  • Community members should be civil and respectful towards each other
  • Everyone has equal rights and responsibilities
  • Members of this community should treat each other with respect and consideration regardless of their duration of residency)
  • Community members should be held accountable for their actions
  • Community members should be respectful of other's residence and property
  • Community members expect their residence to not be adversely affected by outside noise violations
  • Community members should be able to have social gatherings that are considerate, reasonable and appropriate for the time of day
  • Community members deserve to be recognized for their own actions and attitudes and not be pre-judged based on the actions and attitudes of others
  • Community members should not be stereotyped based on age or any other criterion
  • Community members deserve to be respected for what they contribute to the community
  • Community members have a responsibility to add positively to the community


Student Community Liaison Committee

ASI maintains written meeting minutes for the SCLC that details the proceedings of the meeting.

For archives greater than two years old, please contact ASI Student Government

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