ASI is always working to enhance our managed facilities to better meet the needs of students and the Cal Poly community. Projects are funded by financial reserves and do not impact student fees.

MultiCultural Center, February 2019
MultiCultural Center, February 2019

MultiCultural Center

Project Timeline: Now open

Budget: $650,000

Collaboration: Cross Cultural Centers

Purpose of project: Provide a larger, welcoming, and functional space that meets the needs for usage requested by the Cross Cultural Centers’ students to assist in furthering the goals of the MultiCultural Center.

Amenities: Additional 896 square feet of space, one full-time office, six desktop computers, additional counter and laptop space, center living room with comfortable seating, meeting table, kitchenette, refrigerator, microwave, and coffee maker.

Facility closed during project: Yes

Project contact: ASI Director — Facilities Management, Ron Skamfer 805-756-1263