ASI is always working to enhance our managed facilities to better meet the needs of students and the Cal Poly community. Learn more about our current projects and upgrades to our student spaces. Projects are funded by financial reserves and do not impact student fees.

Mustang Station Patio, Fall 2018
Mustang Station Patio, Fall 2018
The Alley, Fall 2018

Mustang Station Patio & The Alley

Project Timeline: November 2019–January 2020

Budget: $460,000

Collaboration: Cal Poly Corporation

Purpose of project: Update current spaces to provide more comfortable and vibrant outdoor space for students to lounge, study, and dine.

Amenities: Improved lighting, heating for year-round usage, fireplace, outdoor TVs, additional seating areas and furniture.

Facility closed during project: No

Project contact: ASI Director — Facilities Management, Ron Skamfer 805-756-1263

Alexander Bohlen Chumash Auditorium Interior Empty
Chumash Auditorium
Chumash Auditorium rendering 3

University Union Second Floor Renovation

Project Timeline: October 2019–Fall 2020

Budget: $5 million

Purpose of project: Various spaces throughout the University Union will be renovated including Chumash Auditorium, Chandler Lounge, and the TV lounge area. As the main auditorium used on campus, Chumash Auditorium sees hundreds of reservations every year from some of the university’s largest events to club meetings. The auditorium has not undergone a large-scale renovation since the building opened in 1971. ASI is enhancing the many functions of the space while also capitalizing on advances in lighting, sound, staging, and more.

Amenities: Thrust stage with stairs, green room, cyclorama, check-in counter with display monitors, acoustic-room dividers, rear projection, side screens in wings, stage and house color-changeable lights, spotlights, video-streaming capabilities, smart room audiovisual technology in wings, catering-plating station, beechwood floor, floor power outlets, wireless improvements, new entry doors, additional exits, upgraded furniture and seating areas in lounges.

Facility closed during project: Yes. Chumash Auditorium closed on Oct. 1. Chandler Lounge and the TV lounge will close December 2019.

Alternative spaces: Cal Poly Recreation Center Multi-Activity Center (MAC), Cal Poly Performing Arts Center, Advanced Technologies Lab (ATL), and Robert A. Mott Athletics Center. Clubs can submit E-Plans to the ASI E-Plan website. Departments should contact their scheduling entities for more information. Reservation rates vary by event type and venue.

Project contact: ASI Director — Facilities Management, Ron Skamfer 805-756-1263

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