Surfing – SLO Local Beaches

Mar 07, 2020


This day trip is the perfect opportunity for beginners to learn how to surf or for advanced surfers to hone their skills. Trip leaders will teach you the basics of surfing, including everything from paddling into a wave to duck diving.

Skill Level: Moderate

Activity Level: Beginner

Trip Highlights

  • SLO has about 80 miles of coastline—each area having its own unique beaches and surfing experiences.
  • Some of the most popular surfing spots in San Luis Obispo include Pismo Beach Pier, the Rock in Morro Bay, Cayucos Pier, Oceano, and Shell Beach.
  • Because the winds pick up in the afternoon, we will be starting our trip early in the morning to get as much time in the water as possible!


  • Meeting Location: One of SLO’s Local beaches
  • Transportation: Personal transportation to the beach is required

What's Included

  • surfboards
  • snacks
  • first aid kit
  • easy up for shade
  • surfing lessons

What to Bring

  • wetsuit
  • booties
  • lunch
  • medical insurance card
  • sunscreen
  • towel
  • warm clothes to change into
Need Rental Equipment?

The Poly Escapes Rental Center at the Cal Poly Recreation Center has the gear you need for your next adventure! Explore our selection online, then visit the Rental Center to equip your trip.

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