SLOcal Surf Adventure

Nov 12, 2022

$40.00 students / $60.00 non-students

Join us for a day in the waves! Whether you’re just learning to surf or have been shredding for years, come along for a local surf adventure. Our seasoned Trip Leaders will provide surfing instruction, and surfboards will be supplied for all participants. All you need to do is show up — no need to worry about loading up gear. This trip also comes with a meal! Lunch will be provided for all participants. Wetsuits will not be provided but are available at the Poly Escapes Rental Center.


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Skill Level: Moderate

Activity Level: Beginner

Trip Highlights

  • Access to the Pacific Ocean
  • Basic Surfing Lesson
  • Opportunity to meet peers
  • Secured rental equipment!
  • Secret of some best surf spots.


***A pre-trip meeting will be scheduled in the weeks prior to the trip.  Participants will receive confirmation of pre-trip date and time after registering.

An estimated meeting time is 7:30am the morning of the trip, with an estimated return of 3pm.

Basic surfing instruction will be given, and lunch will be provided.

Participants will have the option to surf, participate in beach games, or relax.  When surfing, participants must stay within the pre-designated boundary while in the water.

Due to the fact this trip includes surfing in deep water, it is crucial that you are comfortable in water deeper than shoulder high.

*** transportation not provided; rides may be arranged at pre-trip meeting

What's Included

Surfboards, high-visibility safety shirts, basic instruction and orientation

Meals provided: Lunch

What to Bring

***You may rent a wetsuit and wetsuit booties from the Poly Escapes Rental Center for 50% off.  It is recommended that for a weekend trip, gear is rented as close to the beginning of the week as possible.  Rent early to ensure you have the gear you need!

Other: water, sunscreen, towel, sunglasses, backpack, water-proof camera, etc.

Need Rental Equipment?

The Rental Center at the Cal Poly Recreation Center has all of the gear you need for your next adventure! ASI Poly Escapes trip participants receive a 50% discount with your reservation. Explore our selection online, then come down to the Rental Center to equip your trip.

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