Suha Hussain


Chair of the ASI Board of Directors

Third-Year, Civil Engineering, College of Engineering

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Branch: Board of Directors

Suha is a third-year civil engineering major in the College of Engineering. She began her career in ASI after running for the Board of Directors during her freshman year. During her first term, Suha co-chaired the Internal Review committee, helping students navigate through the legislative writing process. She also worked with students to sponsor several pieces of legislation; resolutions regarding divestation from fossil fuels, data collection for Students with Dependents, and housing insecurity on campus were all matters Suha contributed to.

This year, Suha will serve as the Chair of the Board and will lead the Board of Directors in implementing policies on behalf of the student body. In her spare time, Suha loves to bake, cook, hike, and create art. Suha loves meeting students and learning about their experiences at Cal Poly, so please feel free to reach out to Suha via email or stop by at her office to chat!

Committees: ASI Business & Finance Committee, Campus Advisory Council, Campus Administrative Policy (CAP) Committee, Academic Senate Executive Committee