Samual Andrews, 2023–24 ASI Student Government President

Samuel Andrews


ASI President

Fourth-year, Environmental Management and Protection, College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences

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Branch: Executive Cabinet

Sam is a fifth year environmental management major, is comfortable using any pronouns, and is from Boulder, Colorado. As a representative, he consistently pushes to improve the student experience. While holding roles in every level of student government, he has become renowned for my ability to creatively problem-solve and complete difficult projects.

As president, he aims to create a circular economy using student projects to improve campus, improve our campus shared governance policies, address club management and vending challenges, and improve physical, financial, and psychological accessibility through system and infrastructure change.

Sam will serve as a corporate officer for ASI, chair of the Student Community Liaison Committee, and chair/co-chair for multiple university-wide and Academic Senate committees on campus.

Committees: ASI Business & Finance Committee, Ad Hoc Bylaw Review Committee