Matthew Draxton

Matthew Draxton


President's Designee

Second Year, Construction Management, College of Architecture and Environmental Design

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Branch: Executive Cabinet, University Union Advisory Board

Matthew is from San Jose, California and has been a dedicated public servant over the past few years. He spent time working to develop a better campus community and has taken the lead in multitudes of projects over the past few years. As president's designee, Matthew has the amazing opportunity to serve on two branches of ASI Student Government, the ASI Executive Cabinet and University Union Advisory Board. He is currently focusing on transferring majors to political science to further his passion for public service, so he is not involved in many other campus organizations but hopes to pursue and explore the many options offered at Cal Poly soon. Matthew is an easy-going guy who loves the outdoors, hiking, or spending time with his two golden retrievers. He is looking forward to working with many other students and hopes he can have an impact on the campus community by the time he graduates in 2023.

Committees: Campus Dining Advisory Committee, ASI Diversity & Inclusion Committee