Marirose Evenden


Chair of the ASI Board of Directors

Third-Year, Mechanical Engineering, College of Engineering

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Branch: Board of Directors

Marirose is a third-year mechanical engineering student. After running for the Board of Directors at the end of her first year, she served on the board during her second year. During her first term, she served on many of the internal ASI committees and learned much about the organization.

In her second year in ASI Student Government, Marirose will serve as the Chair of the Board. She hopes to lead the board to more student engagement and policy changes to benefit all students. When she's not studying she's often found outside hiking, biking, and climbing. Student engagement and hearing from the student body is important for Marirose so reach out via email or stop by her office to share your thoughts!

Committees: ASI Business & Finance Committee, Campus Advisory Council, Campus Administrative Policy (CAP) Committee, Academic Senate Executive Committee