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Kathlyn Lorenzo


College of Engineering Representative

Third Year, Mechanical Engineering, College of Engineering

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Branch: Board of Directors

Kathlyn is a first-generation college student from South Central Los Angeles. She comes from a low-income family. Her parents both immigrated from Guatemala in search of a better future for themselves and their family. She recently achieved what was thought to be impossible, which was to switch from the College of Liberal Arts to the College of Engineering. She recently made the switch going into the fall of her second year. Some of her extracurricular activities include the Pilipino Cultural Exchange club, being a proud sister of Sigma Omega Nu Latina Interest Sorority, Inc., and lastly, she is involved with New Student and Transition Programs as a Cross Cultural Experience Week of Welcome leader for the second year. As a College of Engineering representative, she hopes to create an equitable opportunity for all underrepresented groups, be a voice to those who have been silenced or unheard, and push for the necessary changes this campus desperately needs.

Committees: ASI Diversity & Inclusion Committee, ASI/UU Internal Review Committee