Andrew Kim


Vice Chair of Board of Directors & Chair of the ASI Business & Finance Committee

Third-Year, Political Science, College of Liberal Arts

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Branch: Board of Directors

Andrew is a third-year Political Science student from Irvine, California. He will serve as Vice Chair of Board of Directors this year, and as a representative in the College of Liberal Arts. He is involved with Korean American Student Association and Cal Poly International Club, as well as numerous other cultural organizations on campus, to create a community for students from diverse backgrounds. In his free time, he enjoys swimming, running, working out, and hiking. He loves producing and making music using programs and violin, as well as watching movies and animes. As a student concentrating in International Politics, his goal is to become a diplomat that serves as the bridge between people from different backgrounds and cultures. He hopes to successfully serve the student body this year by connecting students to resources and bringing student voices to faculty where the concerns can be addressed. Andrew will also serve as chair of the ASI Business & Finance Committee.

Committees: ASI Business & Finance Committee, Registration and Scheduling Committee, Distinguished Teaching Awards Committee, Sustainability Committee