Alexander Ameri

Alexander Ameri


College of Architecture and Environmental Design Representative

Fourth Year, Architectural Engineering, College of Architecture and Environmental Design

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Branch: Board of Directors

Over his years at Cal Poly, Alexander has been involved with clubs on campus such as the Pilipino Cultural Exchange, Earthquake Engineering Research Institute, and Structural Engineers Association of California. Additionally, he served as a resident advisor for University Housing and is a member of the University Honors Program. Alexander hopes to promote an equal opportunity for all students to get only the best from their time at Cal Poly. Some of his personal hobbies include board games and line dancing at the Graduate. These times are unprecedented and the need for urgent change cannot go unheard. Alexander will work tirelessly to connect students together in passion and empathy to overcome the new challenges this year will bring. Alexander also serves as the ASI Club Funding liaison.

Committees: Campus Fee Advisory Committee (CFAC), Student Success Fee Allocation Advisory Committee (SSFAAC), ASI Business & Finance Committee, ASI/UU Internal Review Committee